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Protection troubles/concerns

Postby Hiddenone on Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:36 pm

Feeling awkward about this topic.
When having sex with gf I'm extremely paranoid about pregnancy, the trouble is that with the condom on it's nigh impossible for me to have a hard-on. For actual intercourse I of course use it though have to 'trick' it to not know the condom is on. I've done clit stimulation (external) only with no condom on but feels risky.

My gf said that she does not want to be pregnant and would abort if it came to that but I don't like having to rely on her word as our relationship has been on-off. Going to try Plan B as a precaution ASAP. It's weird, my genitals are very sneaky trying to evade protection at every opportunity, like fighting the whims of a separate organism.

I hate the feeling that I have no say if all precuations fail, and how can I tell if protection is tampered with? She suggested she could go on the pill to save on the headache of the condom. Should I even be having sex at all? It is nice but scary. Always scared of pregnancy, I cannot afford nor want kids :cry:
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