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Problem Ejaculating

Postby Trey James on Tue Jul 30, 2019 12:54 am

Hi, I am experiencing a very frustrating problem, I cant seem to ejaculate fully. After around 15 minutes of masturbating, I am of course dying to ejaculate but when I do just a small amount comes, leaving me clamouring and desperately trying to masturbate the rest out with a semi erection (my penis is 9 inches long when semi) by this time I usually need to go to the toilet, but I cant in a highly sexual state. So I have to carry on as normal in that state, and really wanting to go to the toilet, this is sometimes worse at night but very embarrassing if in the daytime during working hours. I slipped off the bike pedals landing heavily on my bike saddle a few months ago which squashed my penis and balls, for about an hour afterwards I was doubled up in pain so could this injury be the cause. My balls were swollen for about 3 days and very sensitive :cry:
Trey James
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