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Does it make sense to get an STD test at this point?

Postby TurboBOB777 on Wed Jul 31, 2019 4:06 am

I'm a 29yo male, for the last five months I have been having unprotected sex with only one female, we are both clean and not in a relationship. About 4 days ago I had sex with a new female partner, we had the talk before we had sex, she said she was clean as was I.

We had sex for a long time and used a condom, at one time I felt her starting to get dry and the condom get really tight on my penis, but we were having a good time so we kept going. At one point I felt it loosen up a few minutes later we finished and we found out that the condom had broke (I didn't put this together in the moment). The girl went to get a morning after pill and to get tested. The morning after I noticed that there was what seems to be a red colored spot (friction burn possibly) under my foreskin. I didn't think much of it and masturbated three times the next day which doesn't help if it in fact is a friction burn.

This is where I run into a few problems... My aforementioned female friend (with whom I have unprotected sex) is due to visit me next week. I want to get tested but I'm on Medicaid and I'm currently out of my home state. I would like to go to a Planned Parenthood to get some tests but I will have to pay out of pocket. Some google research told me that tests will not come back positive for a few weeks up to a few month of contracting STDs.

I haven't felt any abnormal symptoms and my work requires me to be very active so I can't wear loose fitting clothes or avoid any rubbing downstairs so the red spot isn't being left alone and I can't quite tell if it's getting better or not.

I may be speaking optimistically but none of the signs point to an STD (other than a red spot which appeared almost right after sex which makes me think it could be a friction burn) but right now I'm thinking of going to see a Doctor out of pocket have them take a look at it, but I want to know if it makes any sense to pay out of pocket for STD tests right now (seeing as how they may not show anything at this point)?

I'm going to post this on a few sites to see if I can get some expert advice or suggestions on what to do.

Thank you!
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Re: Does it make sense to get an STD test at this point?

Postby talkhealth on Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:12 am

Hi TurboBOB777

Thank you for your recent post. We recently held an online Ask The Expert Forum on Penis Issues, I have included the link to the forum and the questions asked and the answers provided by our experts as you might find it useful, https://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=1188.

If the symptoms have persisted then obviously we would recommend a visit to your doctor or local clinic.

Kind regards
talkhealth team
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