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Online clinic on prostate & testicular health - Nov 2019

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Prostate Disease & Related Questions

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Enlarged prostate and terminal kidney failure

Postby Womble_Tomsk on Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:39 pm

An 80-year old man was rushed to the hospital in July this year as his creatinine levels were over 600 (checked by taking a blood sample from home as he rapidly became immobile over a course of a month or two). He had an operation to empty his bladder and diagnosed with the chronic kidney disease. His PSA level was 31. Once his bladder was emptied and he was fitted with a tube to drain it regularly, he was diagnosed with severe anemia and was treated for that, although the doctors didn't link anemia with his kidney failure. At the time they were not able to identify the reason behind his raised PSA level: whether it was due to cancer or enlarged prostate. He wasn't prescribed any medication for his kidneys since he was released from the hospital at the end of July. His creatinine level was normal at the time and subsequently he was only treated for anemia. Also, he was not even offered a dialysis at the hospital.

He suddenly died at the end of September and a post mortem revealed that he had a prostate enlargement which caused a urinary blockage and a terminal kidney failure.

The question is: were the doctors correct in not offering a dialysis in July, given that the reason behind a raised PSA level was still not established at that point, and if he would have been offered a dialysis, was it likely to save his life? A pathologist who carried out a post mortem said that in his view the treatment was correct as they don't offer dialysis if the primary illness (a prostate enlargement) wasn't diagnosed or dealt with at that point. Is it correct?

And another question is: how often does a prostate enlargement causes terminal kidney failure and death?

The hospital was not in the UK and what I am describing is not going to have any legal consequences. I am a grieving relative who would like to get a medical point of view of this situation to understand what had happened better.
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