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Sleeping after a drink.

Postby Bezzyboo on Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:21 am

I recently underwent a Sleep Study to see if I have apnoea. I don’t feel I do, my daughter doesn’t think so either. Still awaiting results. But I’m a terrible sleeper, and insomniac with body pain from other health issues is what I feel is causing this. I’ve been the same for over 30 years, although my other health issues didn’t start til 2006 when the insomnia started getting really bad.

I can take melolin, sleeping pills, or Amitriptyline and still be awake hours later. But if I have a drink (I rarely do) I know I’ll sleep much better but wake up with the dry mouth, flushed cheeks and a bit of a sore head (which makes it not worth it for me!)

How can the effects of a small amount of alcohol (it’s usually a small glass of fruit cider - around 100ml) be better at getting me off to sleep and staying asleep, than taking prescribed medication?

Thanks in advance for a response.
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Re: Sleeping after a drink.

Postby Dr Neil Stanley on Thu Dec 05, 2019 8:48 pm

Thanks for your question, alcohol has a similar effect in putting you to sleep as prescription sleep medicines and in addition it can help you relax and reduce anxiety which can also aid sleep. Alcohol is the most widely used sleep aid and the negative effects you describe can be ameliorated by drinking some water before bed.
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