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Chronic fissure and hemorrhoids, help

Postby merefiss212 on Thu Feb 06, 2020 1:19 am

If anyone out there has the same issues as me or has any solutions, please respond. I’m desperate. 27 year old female here, started off with hemorrhoids about 8 months ago that within 4 months became a fissure, and has just essentially not gotten better. I’ve seen a doctor finally and she essentially just recommended what I’m already doing. She tells me I can never have too much fiber. I take fiber powder 3x a day, fiber gummies, consume it overly in my diet. The recommended dose of daily fiber is 25-30 grams. I probably at upwards of 40. It gives me diarrhea. Which makes my hemorrhoids flare up. And therefore the fissure. It’s stressful. I take daily baths with salts at least once sometimes 2 a day. I would take more because it helps the butt but it dries my skin. I have been prescribed nifedipine with lidocaine as long as I don’t have another BM. Which happens 3-4 daily with all this fiber. I’m at a loss. Doc doesn’t want to do any surgical options on me as that can cause incompetence. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also I am dairy free if that is a question of anyone
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Re: Chronic fissure and hemorrhoids, help

Postby RUTHIEUK on Wed Feb 12, 2020 1:21 pm

can you get a balance so no diarrohea & too much bathing is not good. I use nappy cream after soft BM and as a last resort proctosydal ....steroid cream for a weak.
Has your GP taken a swab to check cor fungal issues?
Good luck
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Re: Chronic fissure and hemorrhoids, help

Postby katebrownell on Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:18 pm

Don't take the fibre powder the, if it is making so trouble. Just believe in natural fibre riched foods, eat lentils, drink a lot of water, try to avoid no-veg foods ( as they are less in fibre).
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