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Obesity taking it's toll at 25

Postby JimmyXXL on Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:21 am

I'm 25 years old and really starting to see the effects of several years of just being sedentary and eating. I'm 380 lbs at 6'1" currently, with a lot of abdominal fat and a waistline of nearly 70". I've never worked out much, not an active lifestyle at all. Knees are shot too. Last year my doctor said I was prediabetic and on my way to type 2, I'm scared for my next visit since I already have high blood pressure. Most of my money is blown on fast food. Like at work everyday, I'll drive to the McDonalds down the block and order two big mac meals. And then just today for dinner I downed an XL pizza and a pint of ice cream. On top of all the soda I drink, I'm still gaining like a pound or more a week. I'm legitimately afraid I can't stop eating this same routine and won't make it past 60 yrs old.
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Re: Obesity taking it's toll at 25

Postby LexyLopes on Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:41 pm

Hi Jimmy.

I just had a read of your post.

I was also in the same position not too long ago and as a result, I ended with Intracranial Hypertension which is actually very serious.

I think in terms of your eating habits, that something you would need to address and maybe cooking for one day for the whole week would probably help that because you're a lot more prepared.

I was also trying to work out my acne issues!! - yep - so in the midst of doctors, tablets, money-loss nothing really worked. I did start to lose a little weight but enough that I was out of danger. In fact, taking medication then affected other things because of the side effects- they eventually take a toll on your body.

I started looking for other solutions as I was desperate, I knew two things,
1. I was that I was an emotional eater meaning if I was bored, stressed or anything of those things, I would just eat
2. I knew i needed support in what to eat and what was right for me. I was scrolling through my facebook and found this lady always posting about health.

I thought you know I will give this shot, why not, I'm already a big mess. The best thing about it is she supported me through the journey and even now she checks in. she didn't just sell it to me and bugger off.

I am more than happy to give you her details?

Let me know
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