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Penis fracture

Postby Wizard of Boz on Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:46 am

I've recently been diagnosed as having fractured my penis, following an energetic escapade with my girlfriend.

It happened a few months ago, when I ended up thrusting into her hip bone by accident. A 'crack' sound was heard followed by a loss of erection.

There was no swelling or bruising, so I assumed it would settle down over time.

My erections have been painful since the incident and not entirely 'full' erections, so my GF suggested I see a doctor. I booked in with my local surgery and had a two-week wait to get an appointment. The doctor, who was a stand-in for my regular, told me he'd refer me to a urologist. That appointment took place this week, 2.5 months after the incident.

The specialist told me I should have gone immediately to A&E following the trauma, as they would have operated straightaway to repair a tear in the 'tunica albuginea'. He said the injury had an amount of scar tissue that was preventing a full flow of blood to the entire penis. When I asked about surgery he informed me it was too late, and that it should have been done 24-36 hours after the injury.

He's sending me for an MRI scan but has said I will just have to 'make do' with the outcome - perhaps even start using Viagra/Cialis etc etc.

Has anyone else been in this situation? I'd be most grateful to hear anyone who's fractured their old chap. I've been lucky enough to have never had any problems in this department and this incident has got me and the GF rather worried.

Apologies for the rambling post!
Wizard of Boz
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Re: Penis fracture

Postby talkhealth on Wed Feb 19, 2020 10:51 am

Hi Wizard of Boz,

Thank you for posting on the forum. Sorry to hear of your fracture. We hope that you will receive some replies soon to your question from our other members who may have experienced something similar to you.

Unfortunately we are unable to give specific medical advice on individual conditions here. However you may be interested to to see a post from last year with a similar problem. Please click the link below to view:


Also, here is some info regarding surgery after damaging the penis:


You may want to consider seeing another urologist and ask for a second opnion?

Kind regards
talkhealth team
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