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Allergy to oestrogen/hormones?

Postby Batholith on Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:55 pm

Hello, new to this site and can't find a previous thread which offers any insight. Hoping that some of my experience might sound familiar to someone, or maybe someone can offer advice about what to do next ...

For over 15 years I've experienced sudden-onset episodes of what I believe are allergy-related symptoms.
(I am a 40yo female)

They always follow the same pattern, which is as follows:
1) out of the blue I get an 'odd' feeling where I know something is very wrong
2) my palms, and often (sorry for TMI) anus and vulva get itchy
3) I get a strong urge to go to toilet, sometimes leads to diahorrea/often not
4) Within 5-10 mins of first symptom I get severe lower abdominal cramping - feels exactly like labour pains
5) I sweat profusely, cough/vomit, feel dizzy, feel faint when standing, and always end up on floor with the pain. I am unable to talk it is so bad. Has happened at work twice & both times they've called an ambulance, and I've been given morphine by paramedics many times.
6) I get shivery and cold. Pain lasts 60-90 minutes before easing off.
7) Generally feel ok afterwards, just wrung out/exhausted, but I always have some vaginal blood loss afterwards - usually this is light & for a day or so afterwards

They seem to follow a pattern of happening around the time I would be ovulating, and have never occurred when on the contraceptive pill or when pregnant.

Have had referrals to GI doctors & gynaecology, and all tests have been negative. I saw immunologist who felt it seemed likely to be allergy-related. I had already started taking daily antihistamine by the time I saw her, and the episodes had reduced/stopped. She recommended I take 2 a day, reducing over time if symptoms stayed at bay, and discharged me.

I kept up this regime for 3 years but reduced them down over last 6 months or so. I then had another major episode 2 weeks ago, so have since resumed. However, in the weeks since I have had quite a few other allergy symptoms generally which have been concerning me; tingling lips, itchy throat, itchy ear canals, itchy skin on neck, burning sensation in tummy, asthma is worse, eczema is worse... All despite 2 loratadine daily.

Obviously I'm hoping that getting back onto the antihistamines will stop any further major episodes, but I guess as I've never been properly diagnosed, I am wondering:

1) if this sounds familiar to anyone
2) whether it's worth pressing for re-referral to immunologist to check if it is a hormone allergy, or to get other/more medication to prevent future episodes?
3) whether I can get pain relief (i.e. oramorph) to take myself at onset to prevent it escalating. Or whether an epi-pen would work on my symptoms? (or do these only help with swelling/respiratory symptoms? I don't think I get any hives/rashes, and I don't experience breathing problems)

Thank you for reading.
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Re: Allergy to oestrogen/hormones?

Postby katebrownell on Wed Feb 19, 2020 2:02 pm

Did your doctor advises you to use an EpiPen for a rash? If not, then consult with him first. It is true that Epipen is an auto-injector that helps to reduce the swelling very quickly, but you need an expert for that.
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