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Can bacteria keep leaking from anal canal to vaginal?

Postby nzzzzzz03 on Fri Feb 21, 2020 11:09 am


I hope someone can help me with this. Since Dec, I was diagnosed with a UTI that I took a few rounds of antibiotics for. It kept coming back and I took Furolin 100mg for 21 days which is shorter than what my doctor had prescribed. I left taking it because of the side effects and felt fine. My Urine Culture also came back clean and so did my Urine DR after stopping the pill for a week.

The prob is that my vaginal burning keeps coming back without any other UTI symptoms. I can pee without pain but the burning just goes on. If i have spicy food and apple cider vinegar, it usually makes it worse. I have a sexual health concern related to this. My husband fingers me anally (just one finger) and i feel that this has happened due to that. Is it possible that my insides are somehow damaged and the bacteria from the anal tract now keeps leaking into the vaginal tract and that causes the burning to keep coming back? We have never used toys or anything too deep.

pls help me address this concern. I have limited knowledge of female anatomy but I know the distance between a female's anal tract and vaginal tract is shorter and therefore the bacteria can leak in?

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