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Betmiga 25mg/Mirabegron prolonged release

Postby leahlovesshops on Wed Mar 11, 2020 9:47 am

Good Morning ladies. :)
Have just been prescribed these tablets after having really bad stomach trouble after taking oxybutynin for years.
Had told my doctor I was worried about taking oxybutynin as one of the side affects was having dementia but I see the Mirabegron is the same! She didn’t respond.
Also a bit worried about the other side effects - atrial fibrillation/raising blood pressure as I have (existing) hypertension and ectopic beats.
Have only been taking them a few days and there has been a miracle already. I haven’t had to get up during the night!
I know all tablets have side effects but I’m really pleased so far.
Anyone else taking these?
Would love to hear your stories.
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