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Online clinic on epilepsy - May 2014

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Coming off the pills

Postby justdiagnosed on Thu May 22, 2014 10:53 pm

I have been on lamotrigine for 6 months, and my seizures are now under control - do I now stay on the drugs and/or what point will my consultant say I can come off them? I don't like taking pills at the best of times and keen to see how early it is possible to see if I could come off them safely as I have read that as I have had epilepsy since childhood and now in my early twenties it could be something that I grow out of? Thank you again
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Re: Coming off the pills

Postby Epilepsy Action on Fri May 23, 2014 8:24 am

Hi Justdiagnosed

It's really good to har you've been seizure free for six months. That means that the lamotrigine is working to control your seizures. But, it doesn't mean the epilepsy has gone away.

Epilepsy can go away - sometimes for many years, but it can also come back. That's why, once you have been seizure free for several years, your specialiast will look at the benefits and risks of your epilepsy medicine. Depending on the exact type of epilepsy you have, they may discuss slowly withdrawing your lamotrigine. However, be prepared for your specialist to advise you against withdrawing, if they think your risk of having further seizures is high.

Taking tablets is a bind, but if it means you don't have to worry about having seiuzres, it can be worth it.

Good luck

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