Hair loss/hair thinning can be a frightening and also a psychologically damaging issue that many people experience at any age. There are many causes for hair loss, including stress, nutritional deficiency, medications, hormone changes, auto-immune conditions and genetics to name a few. Some cases depending on the cause can be temporary and hair will grow back in time, whereas others may experience permanent loss.

talkhealth are partnering once again with GAoHL to support people with hair loss. The GAoHL conference tickets (to be held on Sunday 22nd September in London) are retailing at £99 BUT by simply filling in your email details we will place you in the draw to win one of three tickets. Winners will be contacted by the end of the August.

Plus there is also a chance to ask our panel of experts up to two questions. Simply enter your questions and you may have your question answered directly by the panel at the conference. If you would like to be sent the top 20 questions with answers please just tick the box on the survey to confirm you would like to receive this information from us.

Meet your panel of hair loss experts

Zoe Passam - Trichologist, Philip Kingsley Clinic

Stephanie Sey - Trichologist

Greg Williams FRCS (Plast) - Hair Transplant Surgeon and President of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery

Sharon Wong - Consultant Dermatologist

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