• Dermalex® Rosacea Cream

    Dermalex offers a range of steroid free, skin care treatments to treat a range of conditions. Dermalex Rosacea Treatment reduces the visibility of rosacea symptoms with its special triple action.

    Dermalex offers a range of steroid free, skin care treatments to treat a range of conditions. Dermalex Rosacea Treatment reduces the visibility of rosacea with its special triple action. The exclusive Tri-Solve® complex protects the skin against external triggers with an invisible film containing UV filters:

    • Reduces the visibility of the symptoms, while moisturizing the skin and reducing the redness
    • Replenishes the ceramides to help the skin rebuild its own protection mechanism
    • 95% noticed a reduction in redness*

    The product contains no antibiotics or steroids and is suitable for long-term use.

    *95% out of 20 people agreed, data on file

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    Overall Rating: 4.2/5


I was really pleased when I received my sample through the post and couldn't wait to start using it. It's moisturizing and sinks into the skin very easy, I put it on before my usual moisturizer. This product 100% works, it doesn't stop the flushing but it has reduced my redness therefore making me less self conscious. It works great under make up too. This product is now on my permanent list. I'm gonna continue to use this, I love it. Thank you for the sample.

Debbie (Apr 19)


Dermalex came in an easy to use, easy to store tube, with the word "Rosacea" printed clearly on the tube, so no chance of getting it mixed up with other products in the bathroom cabinet! The cream itself is a very pale April green with a delicate medicated smell. I was a little surprised it wasn't white, most medical creams are but as it rubs in quickly and completely the colour is perhaps only there to combat the facial redness . I have used the Dermalex for over two weeks twice daily. My skin has felt quite calm and looked generally healthy with fewer red and irritated patches than normal.My rosacea is intermittent. Sometimes I have fair ups that require prescription medication, that didn't happen whilst I was using Dermalex, although it is impossible to tell if that was the cream or if I was going through a "good patch" without a longer trial. So far I have been very impressed.

Kimberley (Apr 19)


I've been using this for just over a month now, I've been using it instead of my usual moisturiser, it has a very nice non greasy consistency which is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Although I haven't noticed a huge difference to my skin there has been a slow consistent improvement, I would imagine with even more consistent use the improvement would gradually become more noticeable. 

Overall very pleased with results.

Geraldine (Apr 19)


Dermalex is a great product for rosease it is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving no residue. My condition has improved a lot since using Dermalex and will continue to use in the future.  This is a product that I would recommend to others to use but it would be good for a smaller size or trial size be available.

Janet (Apr 19)


After a couple of weeks usage I did notice a slight improvement of the lines on my face. I cannot remember if the advice given said how long to use it for and whether it's suitable for long term use, so having a break after a month and will continue soon.

Mark (Apr 19)


I can't believe how good this product is - I have tried primers to help with the redness on my face and they have not worked. This product has improved the look and condition of my skin. I have not tried similar products before as the price has put me off. I will definitely use this product again once my sample has finished. 

Wendy (Apr 19)


I have very sensitive skin along with the rosacea and find that most products will cause me problems.  I was lucky enough to be given a tube of Dermalex to try for my rosacea and at first I was apprehensive about using it because I didn't want it to cause a reaction in my skin however I was pleasantly surprised to find that my skin didn't react to it at all.  You don't need much of the cream to cover a wide area of skin on the face so it is quite economical.  I have always been sceptical about the claims with products but I have to admit that Dermalex does what it says on the packet!  My skin has started to feel and look better which means that I don't have to keep taking tablets for the rosacea which is a plus in my view.  All in all I am very impressed with Dermalex.

Jackie (Apr 19)


Dermalex was very easy to use, did not irritate my skin and improved it's appearance. Lots of products give me an allergic reaction, it was a very pleasant surprise to find Dermalex smoothed and improved my skin.

Gina (Apr 19)


This product is easy to apply and rubs in well with no greasy after feel. Doesn’t smell too “chemical” either. I have applied it after cleansing both morning and evening. I don’t seem to have so many raised red bumps under the skin since using it and on balance probably less redness over all. Good to be able to use a product that is not on prescription that is making a difference.

Deidre (Apr 19)


I use this once a day and have for nearly 2 weeks now. I have noticed a difference in my nose. It was quite red before but it isn't as noticeable now. It smells like honey which is nice too and is easy to apply.

Hayley (Apr 19)


Nice feeling on the skin however the cream is too thick to be in a tube so it is difficult to dispense. It would be better in a jar. My redness is slightly reduced however this is not a significant change.

Camille (Apr 19)


I was very impressed with Dermalex.  After applying I immediately noticed a difference.  It took away a lot of the redness that I suffer with.  As time goes on I see an improvement on a daily basis.

Miranda (Apr 19)


Absorbed easily, didn’t see any difference first few days but the redness did become much less and the spots were much less after a couple of weeks.

Carole (Apr 19)


I wanted to leave a couple of weeks before reviewing as this is a condition that doesn't clear up overnight. It does take awhile to show an improvement as I have had roseacia for many years. Its important to have really clean skin then leave your skin for about an hour to let skin breathe and any inflammation to subside abit. I then applied a small amount of the cream and found it did calm my skin and through daily use, has made my skin a bit clearer and less red. I do think I will have to persist with the cream and then will gain a better idea if this is a cream that I will keep buying. All in all I am very hopeful that I have found a really good product and I am ATM hopeful.

Julie (Apr 19)


I found that the creme cooled my skin when applying. I used uder my foundation as a moisturising primer and my foundation had a lovely dewy glow.  It didn't stop my face red flushing but it calmed the redness.

Gemma (Apr 19)