• Ganodex

    Ganodex® is a unique, moisturising, skin cream originally developed and produced in Norway and is recommended by health care professionals. It is based on a natural active ingredient – a triple-helix beta-glucan, which is extremely effective against psoriasis symptoms, such as scaly, itchy and irritated skin.

    Ganodex® was tested at the London Clinic of Dermatology. The beta glucan in Ganodex® is an immune-modifying ingredient that can reduce scaling, itchiness, and irritation of the skin. Daily application helps make the skin smoother and softer, with increased elasticity. 

    The cream has 100% natural ingredients. Ganodex® is a non-steroidal treatment and does not contain parabens. The cream is quickly absorbed and is non-greasy after application.

    To find out more about Ganodex® visit www.ganodex.com/en/

    Overall Rating: 4.6/5


So I have been using Ganodex for a month and am really pleased at how much my psoriasis has improved, it’s really easy to apply, non greasy (I hate how some products are oily and sit on your skin) and absorbed straight away, evening out the dry patches and stopping the itch. I use it immediately after my shower, and just before bed, and whenever I start to feel the itch. In a neat tube and with no strong or unpleasant scent I can pop the tube in my bag and apply it whenever I need to without being obvious. Only a very small amount is needed so the product will last a very long time. I will continue to use it even once the psoriasis has gone, to keep the skin moisturised and ensure it doesn’t return.

Teresa (Aug 18)


I really am amazed at how effective this cream was, I've used loads for my psoriasis with no luck, even with prescribed creams so was a bit sceptical to try ganodex. It works and works well. I have 2 very stubborn patches, one on my hand and one of my wrist, so I was so happy when ganodex looked like it was working, within a week both patches were obviously less noticeable, smoother and less flakey and red.. had a few people ask what I was using after they noticed the difference. I wasn't shy about showing my hand to anyone which is how they noticed the change, my confidence was boosted and I didn't feel ashamed of my stubborn patches.. I still have the 2 patches but the improvement is positive and I will continue to use ganodex.. I also have to say the smell is gorgeous unlike so many other creams, the honey smell is noticeable straight away but it's not strong so very pleasant to wear.. keep up the good work Ganodex.

Catherine (Aug 18)


Excitedly applying Ganodex to three different areas with three various skin problems, following the directions as instructed.

My main and most problematic area was both my ears that always seemed to itch at the oddest moments with no reason and the scaliness of dry skin that I've tried all kinds of various ointments, oils, creams, eardrops on with no resolution. After the first week, I had less itchiness, less dryness but although the skin still seemed scaly, it also seemed less than before. I had high hopes and expectations now, after this evident improvement after the first week. Religiously continuing up until this moment, I have to conclude that although Ganodex has greatly improved the state of the skin of my ears,  better than any product used before, it has not been able to clear up the problem completely. Having said that, I do realise I may have a condition of the skin of my ears that cannot be cleared up easily with any product.

The dry skin of my elbows that always itched to the point I scratched it and broke the skin causing scabs to always form and be present on my elbows, Ganodex has completely resolved and healed it. No more itching, no scratching, no scabbing and the general skin condition has improved completely.

I also had a rash on my left thigh and after using Ganodex,  it has completely disappeared.

In conclusion, Ganodex, generally, seemed to have improved  and/or resolved my skin conditions and I'm truly appreciative of the product and grateful for the chance to have used it. I'm still using it and will continue to do so as it's been the best when compared with other products I've used.

Washeila (Aug 18)


I would start off saying that this cream does help alot if applied as directed. But there's just one thing I have to say thats bad is the smell of the cream. I'm not a fan of the scent as it often left me feeling sick. So maybe if it were possible to add a nice scent to the cream. Overall I would happily purchase this cream if it became available and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to trial this cream. My overall score would be 4.5 it would of been a 5 if it weren't for the smell. 

Stacey (Aug 18)


I was very sceptical when I was first asked to try this out as had tried many products that promised to clear up my dry and sore skin.  I followed the instructions to wash area and apply twice daily.  At first there wasn't any difference but after 3 days my skin was less sore, by day 5 the soreness had faded and the cracked skin had started to heal.  By the end of the first week it was nearly clear.  I continued the use and by the end of the second week my skin was completely healed no more sore and cracks, a miracle. I am still using this cream as I don't want my problems to return but I can definitely recommend Ganodex to anyone who has problem skin. 

Carolyn (Aug 18)


I have had psoriasis for many years and it becomes very painful. Having used Ganodex for just under 4 weeks now I have been impressed with how it soothes my condition. It is non greasy, unlike my prescribes creams which I like and once applied gets rid of the scally look of psoriasis for longer than my prescribed lotions. I did have to use it more than twice a day as suggested in order to get the full effect. I still have to use steroid gels but Ganodex certainly has helped manage my psoriasis. I definitely would recommend it. It is not a cure but certainly up there with the best creams to manage psoriasis.

Jennifer (Aug 18)


The Ganodex cream is beautiful.  It is not like any cream that I have used on my daughter before.  My daughter has psoriasis and eczema so her skin is quite dry.  When using the cream I could rely on the fact that is wasn't chemical based but used honey.  The smell of the cream is also lovely.  Although it has not cleared up the psoriasis, it has improved the skin and is now soft and looking healthy.  My daughter is usually reluctant with applying cream, yet with this cream she was happy to have it on.  It is reassuring as a parent to know that I am applying a cream that uses natural ingredients.  

Thank you so much for allowing us to trial this cream.  I would give it 4 out of 5 due to the fact the overall it improved the skin in how it felt and looked but could not reduce the legions from the psoriasis.

Natalie (Aug 18)


I have been using Ganodex Cream for the last few weeks on particularly stubborn psoriasis patches on my knees, feet and face. After 2/3 days, the skin lost its scaly appearance and was looking healthy and much more 'normal' for the first time in years!  Even on my face there was no irritation or stinging.

Ganodex has a pleasant, subtle honey smell and applies smoothly without dragging, absorbs quickly and doesn't leave marks on clothing. Also, a little goes a long way, so the tube has lasted well. 

I would thoroughly recommend Ganodex and give it 5/5 for effectiveness - my skin has stayed feeling and looking hydrated and non-scaly.  I've tried many ineffective topical treatments in the past but Ganodex delivers what it promises; it is an excellent alternative to cortisone-based products.

The only suggestion I would have is for the manufacturer to offer a small size tube in addition to the one currently available, as a portable 'handbag' size.  I hope in the future the Ganodex range may offer a shampoo/scalp treatment, which would be a welcome improvement on Coal Tar preparations.

Jane (Aug 18)


I have suffered with dry itchy skin on my face and other parts of my skin for years now. I have tried many different products and they just didn’t solve the issue long term. I have been using Ganodex for 4 weeks now, I have to say I am very impressed with it. A little of it goes a very long way, using it twice daily. My skin feels so much calmer and nourished, even smoother. No more dry itchy skin! Will continue to use this as it does as promised, only thing I didn’t like was the smell but not a big issue for me. 

Jasmin (Aug 18)


Ganodex is marketed as a moisturising skin cream specifically aimed at psoriasis symptoms, such as scaly, itchy and irritated skin.

I have suffered with all of the above for as long as I can remember.  My condition usually flares up when I'm ill or going through stressful times. My skin can quickly become very red and itchy resulting in tiny blisters and sore cracked skin. For years now I have been looking for a non steroid cream that can stop that "angry" itch, especially at night time when I find it worsens.

I have been using Ganodex for 4 weeks now.  Applying the cream as and when its needed, generally at least 2 or 3 times a day. The cream itself has a nice texture to it and is absorbed quickly, however I do feel it is quite greasy during and after application.  This lasts for around 10-15 minutes.  Once fully absorbed though my skin immediately feels softer and the "angry" itch subsides.

Ganodex is a 100% natural and while I'm not a huge fan of its smell, it wasn't too unpleasant. It is extremely economical and a small pea sized amount is very effective and really does go a long way.

Since using Ganodex I can really notice a difference in my skin.  The redness has reduced considerably and my skin feels so much softer. No more scaly red patches which is doing wonders for my confidence.

Overall I'm very impressed with Ganodex and will continue to use it.  It really is without a doubt one of the BEST non steroid creams I have ever used.

Emma (Aug 18)


This product presents as a lovely thick cream, with an off white colour which goes on the skin to give the impression it is a very rich and nourishing cream. It smells of honey - which it contains-and  it absorbs extremely fast with no greasy feel to the skin. 

I have psoriasis on my feet and 1 wrist and initially on application the whole area feels wonderfully moisturised but with me this only lasted about 2 hours when it really needed to be repeated. I have been using it at least 3 times a day - initially  exclusively- but twice in the first month of use deep cuts appeared on my feet which I had not had for a long time.  I can only conclude that for my skin it needs to be applied very often to keep up the moisturising effect.  

When I couldn’t get any more out of the tube I cut it horizontally in 2 and found that in  the 2 sections I had a week’s worth left of the cream and so I am wondering if this product would be better in a jar or a pump container. 

Overall I have to say the itching did improve significantly and my wrist also looked a lot better.The psoriasis on my feet obviously needs something more long lasting. 

Rochell (Aug 18)


Wow I’ve always had eczema and never found a cream that just stops the angry itch. However since trialing this wow what an improvement in my skin in general.

Thank you so much for making my skin feel more normal.

Victoria (Dec 17)


I found the product very beneficial to relieve itching and stop my skin flaking. Whilst it did not make the condition go away it went a long way to easing my condition. I would thoroughly recommend this product.

Peter (Dec 17)


Reality is that it was amazing... very happy

Clair (Dec 17)


Ganodex is easily absorbed and is a good moisturiser. It has a slightly unpleasant smell, but that is a small price to pay for its therapeutic qualities.

It has proved beneficial in treating angry, sore areas of skin and feels quite soothing. It is economical to use in that a small amount is effective. It doesn't leave a greasy residue. It is a good to use in managing psoriasis and dry skin conditions.

There is no quick fix for these conditions, but Ganodex is good in helping manage and relieving them. I feel it does reduce itching.

Amanda (Jan 18)