• IBS: Dietary Advice To Calm Your Gut

    IBS – Dietary Advice to Calm Your Gut gives the reader the information and insight to fully thrive despite your IBS. It explores a history of changes in the way we eat and asks whether modern diet may be responsible for ‘gut problems’?

    Up to 20% of the population have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), which often results in embarrassment, withdrawal from social and recreational activities and difficulties in relationships.

    This book covers lifestyle tips, managing stress, getting exercise, working, resting and playing well! Topics include: causes, history, psychological elements and diet plans to really make you get the most out of meals free from pain and discomfort.

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    Overall Rating: 4.8/5


IBS or Irritable bowel syndrome in full is something not a lot of people discuss enough about. For example I do find it very difficult to talk about it with friends and family but yet never knew what caused it or if there is a diet that could help. 

Thankfully there is and this is one of the better books I had the time to sit down and read! The book not only discusses what IBS is but this in detail about it, for me a big achievement is putting it in plain English than using terms that someone from the medical field understands! 

The book breaks down different parts even explaining having a diagnosis and treatments. While it may not help a few people I have to say this is one of the easiest going books to read and for me personally a great helping hand! 

I strongly recommend this book for someone who has very little knowledge or (like me) embarrassed to talk about it with others! But as said in the consult your GP or pharmacist if you do feel you have any of these signs. I'm now feeling more comfortable to talk to my GP about it and he too will continue to help me with my first steps on having IBS 

Peter (Feb 18)


As I have only recently been diagnosed with IBS, this book has brought to light a lot of ways that it can be easily managed. There are many different pieces of advice, with different options to suit everyone. It explains all about the condition, possible triggers, lots of different dietary options, and many ways to use other aspects of daily life, such as exercise along with rest, to help manage it as easily as possible. It was a very informative read, simple to understand, with lots of thorough explanations. I feel like the author had a lot of knowledge and understanding of the condition, which makes it easy to trust in the advice provided.

Samantha (Feb 18)


IBS Dietary Advice to Calm Your Gut is an ideal book for those people who have just started to suffer from digestive problems as it is well-laid out for an easy read. However, those who have suffered for longer will also be able to learn something. It is comprehensive without being intimidating as it packs quite a lot of information into a fairly short book. 

I got a real education in the whole digestion process and immediately started drinking more water on reading it!

The section about posture was particularly interesting as it is not something I have even thought about, but it makes so much sense. 

Definitely a book that provides valuable insight and sufficient tips to help prevent trips to the doctor or reliance on over the counter remedies. 

Shermaine (Feb 18)


This book ‘IBS dietary advice to calm your gut’ is educating, well presented and well written.  It caters for all a sufferer may need to know about IBS and its complexities.  It is understandable and makes for a pleasingly ‘jargon free’ read.

It deals with the cause and symptoms of this multi-factual condition, explaining the digestive process and symptoms it produces which can distress the person experiencing IBS.  It continues with both the diagnosis of IBS associated with the bowel and those not attributed to IBS, also covering speaking to your doctor about the symptoms and the tests they may wish to carry out to indicate if it is IBS or not.  The paragraphs on identifying the triggers of IBS and allergy and intolerances including using a FODMAP diet are well organised.  It also includes information for those following a gluten and dairy free diet and what supplementation can mean.  It continues to explain how to manage dietary changes and food labelling along with allergens and free from foods.

As well as symptoms and diets, it covers the emotional wellbeing, featuring traditional diets and includes relaxation and other therapies which can be helpful in managing symptoms of IBS.  Exercise and sleep and how to manage symptoms when travelling are included, helping to enable the sufferer to limit their symptoms to some degree.  The book concludes with some medical research and an appendix of food and symptom diaries, which can extremely helpful to see which foods may be at fault and also includes some recipes.

This is a book well worth reading even for those who may already have been diagnosed with IBS or think they may have symptoms of it.

Jenny (Feb 18)


I would advise anyone who has a problem with their digestion to have a read of the book IBS Dietary Advice To Calm Your Gut.

This is a well researched, factual book. The authors have provided a well thought out book to explain how your digestion works, from the time the food goes into your mouth to it's journey's end.  Although the book has IBS in the title, they mention a few other reasons why you may be having problems.  It also explains what tests can be done, what they are for and explains what is being done.  

The book is written logically, with 10 chapters, going through all the phases you will go through from the time of being diagnosed, practical advice on managing diet changes to exercises.  There are even some recipes at the end, along with useful addresses that you can use.

I found the book very educational and picked up a lot of hints and tips that would relate to me.  I also did not realise how big the issue actually is and how it can affect different individuals.

Andrea (Feb 18)