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Survey ends: 7 November 2019

Sick of weight loss that's only temporary? Fed up with feeling a failure because of self-sabotage or lack of willpower? Do you eat because you’re lonely, anxious or bored? Do you dream of losing interest in sugar and carbs without cravings? Well, now you can transform your eating habits in just NINE minutes a day with a method that's grounded in science. And it's not a diet!

Thousands worldwide are discovering that the medically-recommended and clinically-proven Slimpod system - featured on Channel 4's How To Lose Weight Well programme - gives them priceless control so they lose weight and keep it off.

In clinical trials, Slimpod had a 95 per cent success rate and NHS nurses use the 12-week programme to manage their weight. Nurse Laurabeth Ives, from Manchester (pictured below), lost 70lbs in six months and says: “I’d definitely recommend Slimpod to anyone who has a problem with willpower – because with Slimpod, you don’t need any!”

Slimpod means you'll want to eat healthy food rather than the unhealthy . You’ll lose interest in sugar and other snacks plus you’ll want to eat less as you think, feel and behave differently towards food. And there's more good news – you can experience the magic for 10 days for just £1! Click now on the button below!

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