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October/November: Test your health knowledge in our quiz!

Last month, we tested more than 600 of our members on their health knowledge. Luckily, the results show that everyone could beat the Eggheads at a health and wellbeing round! 

However, although knowledge seems tip-top when it comes to allergies and the flu season, some other areas aren’t quite up to scratch.

Interested in finding out more? Read the results below…

The majority of talkhealth members know their stuff when it comes to Medic Alert bracelets and what happens when they are exposed to an allergen. 

In fact, when asked ‘How long do allergy symptoms typically last?’; 89% of respondents answered correctly - proving that most people know you show symptoms of a reaction for as long as you’re exposed to an allergen. And, 85% of people are aware they must wear a bracelet if they have food, medicine, or an allergy to bee stings. 

What’s more, most of those who took the quiz were virtuosos when they hit the sleep questions. Nearly everyone (72%) knew that everyone dreams and 80% affirmed that not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain. Less successfully, just more than half (51%) said that adults need less sleep as they get older. 

This is false, older people need the same amount of sleep as younger people - that’s about seven hours. That said, studies show that older people are more likely to sleep at specific times so there is a narrower range of times between which they are able to sleep and stay asleep. This can result in increased tiredness. 

Knowledge about blood pressure is where talkhealth members fell behind. Only 26% of people knew that they should start getting screenings for high blood pressure at 18, whilst less than a quarter (23%) are aware that blood pressure is considered high at 130 over 80. 

Most people (58%) gave the answer ‘140 over 90’ to this question - this is stage 2 high blood pressure. 

Respondents proved their expertise in the food section of the quiz. 40% of people know that they have to consume at least 18 grams of fibre a day as part of a healthy, balanced diet. What’s more, 86% of people know what olive oil, walnuts and salmon are known to boost mood. 

Some people came unstuck when asked about where they can get Vitamin D in foods. Although the majority (44%) cited the correct answer of ‘red meat’, 38% said ‘fruits’. However, this could be called a trick question as oranges are - of course - a great source of the vitamin for people who don’t eat red meat. 

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