Survey results for

March/May: Bowel and Digestive Health Survey

In March 2019, we ran a survey about bowel and digestive health to discover how bowel discomfort, such as IBS and constipation, diarrhoea and digestive issues like heartburn and reflux affects our members and what additional support they would find helpful.

Here are the top highlights from the survey:

  • The top condition was IBS with 60% of participants stating they lived with this
  • 64% of participants revealed they visited GP or other health care professionals to help manage their health
  • 72% thought it would help if GPs offered a support programme written specifically to help manage their bowel and/or digestive health condition

If you would like more support with your condition, here are some helpful links:

talkIBS forum
myIBS support programme
talkIBS hub

If you're interested in a detailed analysis of the results for these surveys please contact us.