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November/January: Do you have digestive issues?

It is known that around 4 in 10 people in the UK have at least one digestive health symptom at any one time. Many of these symptoms, including IBS, acid reflux and bloating, can be extremely difficult to live with and often at times, debilitating.


That’s why here at talkhealth, we asked our members to complete a survey to tell us all about their digestive health, from symptoms, to self-management, to overall impact on daily life. This is what the survey found:


  • The majority of respondents (78%) said they live with IBS, with stomach ache, acid reflux and frequent constipation also being common responses (51%, 49% and 45% respectively).
  • 70% reported that they have received medical support for their symptoms, but worryingly, 67% said that it was either “impossible” or “difficult” to receive this support from their GP or health care professional
  • The impact poor gut health can also have on mental health must not be overlooked or ignored. During a symptom flare up, 67% say their mental health is affected

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