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July/August: Are medical services diverse enough?

At talkhealth, we believe that everyone has the right to have access to great healthcare. Your race, income, age or gender shouldn’t influence the level of care or service that you’re able to enjoy. Unfortunately, however, we know that like many sectors of society, health care isn’t diverse enough.
That’s why we asked our members about their experiences. We wanted to know how their identity impacted on their access to healthcare.

From our diversity in healthcare 2020 report, we found:

-  4% of our BAME members believe their race had played a role in their medical condition and the treatment they’d received for it

-  65% of BAME members have never received information regarding skincare or skin cancer, with over 90% never having had a mole checked

-  70% of members believe that not enough time or money is invested in medical research for BAME people

-  That’s despite 60% believing that BAME communities have specific health needs that require independent attention

talkhealth is a platform for everyone - regardless of race, age, gender or sexuality. We are committed to being representative and inclusive in everything we do. If you have any feedback or suggestions as to how we can do better, please do let us know at

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