Survey results for

April/June: Dry Skin Survey

According to the British Skin Foundation, 60% of Brits have or have had a skin condition; many of those issues will be to do with dry skin. Up to 15 million people in the UK are thought to live with eczema, while another 2% have psoriasis. That’s a lot of irritable, dry skin!

With that in mind, talkhealth wanted to find out more about our members’ dry skin woes - triggers, treatments and everyday management issues. 

From our dry skin survey 2020, we found:

-  Over 50% of people didn’t know what the main trigger was for their dry skin, with washing detergent affecting 34%
-  To manage flareups, most members (88%) applied a moisturiser or emollient - but many (50%) still found themselves driven to scratching their skin
-  The most challenging aspect of managing a dry skin condition for over half of our members is remembering to apply emollients often enough and reducing the risk of flare-ups - understandable if you don’t know what’s causing those flare-ups in the first place

If you live with a dry skin complaint, be sure to check out our mydryskin, myeczemachild and mypsoriasis support programmes. Written by and in conjunction with skin experts, they are packed with practical advice on self-management, identifying triggers and coping strategies. 

If you're interested in a detailed analysis of the results for these surveys please contact us.