Survey results for

April/June: Pelvic Health Awareness

We conducted a survey to find out more about our community’s understanding of the signs and symptoms of pelvic pain. The survey explored a range of issues, asking if participants knew when to take action if they were experiencing pain and if they would like extra support on pelvic health awareness.

Here are the top highlights from the survey:

Only half of participants had discussed their symptoms with their GP but of those who had, 79% received a definitive diagnosis Of those who had not been to see their GP, the most common reasons were embarrassment and feeling that their symptoms were not serious enough to warrant seeing a doctor Understanding of pelvic health issues was low overall, with 86% wanting more information

If you would like more support with your condition, here are some helpful links:

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talkwomen’s health forum
talkmen’s health forum

If you're interested in a detailed analysis of the results for these surveys please contact us.