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November/January: New Year Health Resolutions - are they a good idea?

For lots of people, the new year is the perfect time to reset and re-evaluate their health resolutions. Whilst some people might be great at big changes, setting resolutions can be daunting for others, who prefer to set challenges throughout the year. Whatever camp you are from, we asked you the important questions in the last member's survey of 2021. 

We ask our members all about what they think of resolutions. From whether they keep them to why they create them in the first place, here is a round up of the results:

  • 55% of people make health resolutions each year. More than a third of these respondents said that they make the same goal each year.
  • Most respondents said that they are able to stick to their resolution for one to three months at the beginning of the year. Only 10% of people said they are able to keep to their resolution for more than a year.
  • The majortiy of responsents agreed that their health resolutions are based on a healthy diet (78%), excercise and fitness (74%) and looking after their mental health (44%).  
  • When asked about the techniques that they use to fulfill their resolutions, multiple respondents noted that ensuring goals are simple habits that merge seamlessley into their everyday lives is key to keeping them. Allowing themselves to slip up sometimes also came up frequently. 
  • Over half of people agreed that New Year resolutions are a good idea with only 3% of people saying that they are a waste of time.
  • Lots of talkhealth members like to create health goals throughout the year with 40% of people saying that you shouldn't have to wait until the New Year. 
  • Members who took part in the survey said that they break resolutions because they are too busy, bored, felt stressed by the aim and lacked the motivation to carry on. 

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