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December/March: Are vitamins part of your daily routine?

Supplements have never been a hotter topic of well-being. The Government is encouraging us all to take vitamin D as a protector against Covid-19, gym buffs and vegans are keeping the protein powder market booming and increasing numbers are turning to adaptogens and herbs to keep our bodies and minds calm. In fact, the UK vitamin sector is worth around £424 million, with a third of Brits taking a daily vitamin or mineral supplement.

That's why we asked our members to share their experience with supplementation and the role that vitamin and mineral supplements play in their life in our recent survey. This is what the survey found:

  • 88% of survey respondents take vitamin and/or mineral supplements, with 86% taking them regularly
  • The top 3 most popular supplements amongst those that take them are vitamin D, multi-vitamins and vitamin C (61%, 32%, 26% respectively)
  • 81% people say they felt the benefits of their supplement
  • 83% of people feel there needs to be more widely available information about supplements
  • 52% of people answering the survey live with a chronic condition, and 49% of these would like to know more about the role that supplements can play in managing their condition
  • 68% of people were persuaded to initially purchase their supplement because of medical advice or suggestions from family friends
  • 65% of people look to spend £10 or less on their supplements, with only 9% willing to spending more than £20


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