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August/October: What do you think of talkhealth?

Throughout September and October this year, we ran a survey to find out what you, our members, think of talkhealth. We aim to continually improve talkhealth to make it as helpful and relevant to you as possible, and your feedback is crucial in making our site the best it can be. Questions focused on the talkhealth site as a whole including our users’ experiences around visiting our hubs, our social media pages, our freebies, trials & surveys, and our online clinics to name but a few. We had a tremendous response with some interesting answers, all of which will help in the future development of talkhealth.

The vast majority of those who participated in the survey were female (83%) and were between the ages of 41 and 50 (26%).

Reasons for visiting

When asked, ‘what are your reasons for visiting talkhealth’ the majority of people answered with ‘I am generally interested in health’, with the next most popular answer being ‘I have a health condition’.

Participants were then asked which of the talkhealth hubs they visited the most, and how useful they found the information on the hubs they visited. The hubs which were visited the most and were rated the highest (each gaining a 5 out of 5) were women’s health, weight and eczema. Taking into account the different types of content we have on each of our health hubs, the articles and news sections across all the hubs were rated the most helpful (25%) followed by the forum (15%).

A massive 90% of participants answered yes when asked, ‘When looking for health information online, is it important to you that a site has validation from a trustworthy source such as NHS England or equivalent?’ talkhealth has been accredited with the Information Standard awarded by NHS England which means talkhealth content is created using reliable and trustworthy sources.

Product & Treatment Information on talkhealth

92% of participants find the information about products and treatments on talkhealth helpful and interesting, with over half stating that they have purchased a product after seeing a review for it on the talkhealth website; 41% changed their treatment regime and/or product as a result of something they have read on the talkhealth site.

Freebies, trials, surveys and product reviews

We frequently run offers on our website and run trials and surveys. Over 60% of participants answered that they have taken part in a freebie competition giveaway trial and/or survey. The majority find the offers by looking directly on the site and via the newsletter. You can sign up to receive our newsletter here and be the first to find out about surveys and giveaways. Over two-thirds of people purchased a product as a direct result of trying a freebie. Participants were asked if they had read any talkhealth product reviews. Over three quarters of participants said they had, with two thirds of these stating the review was very useful, and they had purchased a product after reading about it in a talkhealth product review.

Online Clinics

The next round of questions were focused on our online clinics, and our members’ experiences of the clinics. The advice given by experts was rated as ‘very good’ by over two thirds of those participating in the survey, with the range of experts also being rated very highly. Of those who had not yet participated in an online clinic, the majority answered that this was due to the fact that they did not know enough about them. If you’re interested in finding out more about our clinics, or you’d like to ask some questions in our current clinic which is focused on prostate and testicular health, please do join us in the online clinics section on our website.

The talkhealth site: what do you think?

Finally participants were asked a number of questions regarding the talkhealth site as a whole. When asked to describe how satisfied they were on the whole with the talkhealth website, the vast majority answered with ‘very satisfied’ (53%) or ‘satisfied’ (37%).

Participants were then asked whether they would recommend talkhealth to others, to which a massive 96% answered ‘yes’. Here are a few of the most notable responses participants gave when asked why they would recommend talkhealth:

“Because there’s a wealth of information on there, as well as the opportunity to trial products that might make your life, or someone’s life you care for, better.”

“I know that there are others in my situation who want answers about their own conditions, and your clinics are good at this sort of thing.”

“It is a trusted, genuine site for discussing health matters and issues. It could be used as first point of call before seeing a GP.”

“Because of the amount of information, advice and help you can get, not only from the online clinics, but often more importantly the public. I would prefer feedback from a service user than an advisor. I have recommended talkhealth Partnership to many people and companies. I think that talkhealth Partnership is, in my opinion head to head with the NHS website. The beauty about it is that you also talk about alternative treatments.”

“I would definitely recommend talkhealth to any person who is looking for information on most health conditions, that you can seek help advice and support from other member’s stories trials and experiences. A very informative site where the information can be trusted and you even get the opportunity to help and fill in surveys and maybe win a reward now and then , overall my favourite site for my skin condition's advice support and information treatments, different kinds of psoriasis the list could go on and on.”

Thank you so much for your great feedback, it really will help us in making talkhealth better and more suited to your needs.

If you're interested in a detailed analysis of the results for these surveys please contact us.