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January/March: Weight Management Survey

To kick start 2020, we wanted to find out more about our members’ experiences of weight management and what they felt would help make maintaining a healthy weight easier. The start of the year is always a time when we're inundated with calls for fad diets and 'new you' promises; at talkhealth, we're more concerned with promoting a more holistic approach to weight. Our myweight programme concentrates on putting health before aesthetics.

Our survey sought to find out what support our members already had, as well as what talkhealth could do to assist them further.

Highlights from the survey included:

-  77% classed themselves as being overweight at the moment, with less than 35% believing that their weight issues were caused by a preexisting health condition

-  Nearly 60% said that they’d tried diets and plans. The most popular were Weight Watchers, Slimming World and Slim Fast

-  79% believed that exercising had helped them with weight management

-  More than that, a whopping 84% said that exercise helped with mental wellbeing

-  The two most trusted sources for health advice on weight management were the NHS website and talkhealth, with 53% saying that they trusted us the most.

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