5-Day MS Strength Challenge

Offer ends: 3 April 2023

Learn the top 5 research-proven strategies to get stronger, walk better and feel more energized.

With the research-proven strategies Dr Gretchen Hawley will teach you, you'll finally gain that sense of hope with renewed strength, energy, and confidence so that you can maintain your independence, walk with reduced tripping/falls, and improve your walking stamina.

In this 5 Day Challenge, you'll learn:

  1. How you can use neuroplasticity to increase your strength and improve your mobility!
  2. Various functional exercises to improve specific activities (ie. walking, stair climbing, getting out of a car, etc.)
  3. How much time you should be committing to exercising with MS in order to see a difference.
  4. How to fit your MS-specific exercises into your day.
  5. How to stay consistent with your exercise routine.

In Dr Gretchen Hawley's latest TH+ Expert Webinar, 'Motivation and Exercise for MSers and other Chronic Warriors', she gives you some tips and tricks for starting, changing or maintaining your exercise goals this year and help you stay motivated. Click to Watch Dr Gretchen Hawley's TH+ Expert Webinar


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5-Day MS Strength Challenge

Offer ends: 3 April 2023

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