10 x sets of Chuckling Goat Calm Down Soap and Calm Down Lotion (50ml)

Offer ends: 14 October 2020

Chuckling Goat’s Calm-Down Kefir Lotions and Cleansers are made with their award winning kefir and lavender essential oil. Gently anti-bacterial and soothing for dry skin. The gorgeous scent of lavender will delight people of all ages. Pamper your skin, naturally! We have 10 x sets of Calm Down Soap and Calm Down Lotion (50ml) to giveaway.

Chuckling Goat’s Calm-Down Kefir Lotion

This is our elegant “Calm-Down Kefir Lotion”, with natural lavender essential oil for the ultimate skin pampering experience.

This gorgeous scented lotion is great for face, hands and body. Naturally – and gently – antibacterial. Also contains Finnish oat oil, rice bran oil and olive oil to soothe and protect delicate skin. Works best in combination with our Lavender Kefir Cleanser Bar.

We suggest that you team our kefir skincare with a 21-day course of drinking kefir.

You may use our Calm-Down Kefir Lotion twice daily, or as often as needed. Unlike harsh chemical creams or steroid creams, our natural skincare kefir lotions will not thin or harm the skin. Works best in combination with our Calm-Down Kefir Cleanser Bar.

Chuckling Goat’s Calm-Down Kefir Cleanser

Our Calm-Down Kefir Cleanser is a goat’s milk soap made with kefir and lavender essential oil, which has a gorgeous lavender scent that ladies love.

This natural skincare product provides the perfect way to relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Our Kefir Cleansing bars are also great for ladies shaving routines – just draw the razor over the surface of the bar.

Our goats milk soap bars are made by hand on the farm in small batches and are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema. These natural skincare cleansers can be used on face, hands and body, as they soothe your skin with natural moisture, and never dry your skin as chemical commercial soaps do.

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