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New OatDerma™ from Childs Farm is a revolutionary range of products for dry, itchy skin and skin that may be prone to eczema. Harnessing the natural power of oats, the OatDerma™ range offers a full bathtime routine of bubble bath, wash & moisturiser to lock-in moisture and give relief to itching caused by dryness and other skin complaints. The winners bundle will include the full range worth over £20.

Formulated to hydrate and moisturise even the most sensitive dry & itchy skin. Packed with the goodness of oats, colloidal oatmeal is rich in beta-glucan and avenanthramides which are clinically proven to help soothe and gently nourish the natural balance of delicate skin.

Independent user trials of children with medically diagnosed eczema confirmed the benefits of the range which is approved by Paediatricians and Dermatologists as suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin for newborns and upwards:

  • 91% of parents* said that the OatDerma™ baby moisturiser left their child’s skin feeling protected from intense dryness
  • 95%of parents** said the OatDerma™ baby wash left their child’s skin feeling clean and moisturised
  • 96% of parents*** said the OatDerma™ baby bubble bath was mild and gentle on their child’s delicate skin

As with all Childs Farm products, the range is also kind to the planet with responsibly and ethically sourced ingredients and fully recycled and recyclable packing, giving parents one less thing to worry about when dealing with their children’s sensitive skin

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*based on a consumer user trial with 100 participants after fourteen days use

**based on a consumer user trial with 104 participants after fourteen days use

***based on a consumer user trial with 106 participants after fourteen days use


The myeczemchild support programme is sponsored by Childs Farm. Find out more and sign up to the programme here: myeczemachild support programme

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WIN 1 of 20 NEW Childs Farm OatDerma™ Bundles 

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