70 x Probiotic Multi-Mineral Repair Masks AND a 20% discount code!

Offer ends: 7 February 2022

This offer includes:

  • 20 x  Probiotic Multi-Mineral Repair Masks 30ml (worth £25)
  • 50 x Probiotic Multi-Mineral Repair Masks 5ml ( worth £4.25)

With Nourish London, you choose 30 years of experience and research into the best combination of ingredients for your skin. 

Our founder, Dr Pauline Hili is a pioneer in the clean beauty movement, creating clinically-proven formulas to support healthy skin.

Manufactured in the UK, certified vegan, organic, cruelty-free and alcohol-free.

At Nourish London, we believe that ‘Healthy skin is beautiful skin’ and that our skin is a barometer of our physical and mental health.

Whether through health or environmental issues our skin can become much more susceptible to chronic dryness.  Our Probiotic Multi-Mineral Repair Mask is a nutrient-rich cream mask which delivers probiotic minerals and nourishing actives essential for replenishing the skin.  Magnesium will help address any inflammation and calm any skin irritation. 

Certain treatments can impact the skin and cause itching, dryness and flakiness. There is anecdotal evidence that our Probiotic Multi-Mineral Repair Mask helps patients that have chronically dry skin and are under-going treatment.

‘’This is brilliant and very calming for upset skin’’. Joan B

All entrants will also receive a 20% off code (valid until 31.3.2022)

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20 x  Probiotic Multi-Mineral Repair Masks (30ml)
50 x Probiotic Multi-Mineral Repair Masks (5ml)

Offer ends: 7 February 2022

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