Free Curan ISC Catheter Samples

Offer ends: 6 May 2021

CliniMed’s range of Curan catheters are sterile and single use, designed for men and women who carry out ISC.

The Curan Lady and Curan Man catheters are lubricated with a gel mess-free coating, meaning there are no concerns about water spillage. The discreet, compact design means the catheters can be easily stored in a pocket or bag and the grip and twist lid allows quiet and easy opening, even with limited dexterity.

For Curan Advantage, a gentle squeeze releases the water and activates the unique smooth hydrophilic ComfortCoat®, which provides low friction and prolongs lubrication. Curan Advantage catheters are available in three lengths to suit your needs.

Whether you chose the hydrogel coating on Curan Man and Curan Lady or the hydrophilic ComfortCoat on Curan Advantage, a combination of the smooth coating and polished eyelets ensures comfortable insertion and removal. The soft Blue Grip® featured on the male and unisex catheters allows for non-touch application. All the Curan catheters can be resealed in the packaging after use, for disposal at your convenience, handy if you’re away from home.

To request a free sample simply click on the link below and you will be taken to the CliniMed website. Please note, to request a sample, you must be an existing ISC user.

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