3 x free copies of Dr Gemma Newman's new book 'The Plant Power Doctor'

Offer ends: 31 March 2021

As this year has shown us, we don't know what's around the corner. But we can make changes to our lifestyle to better support ourselves and our families to move towards optimal health.  This book has valuable tips to help us support our immune system and also the long-term health of our bodies and minds - to help us face whatever life throws at us next.

In The Plant Power Doctor, British GP Dr Gemma Newman offers an accessible, actionable plan, to help you feel empowered to make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle so you can heal from the inside out and be at your optimum health.
Plant-powered eating has had a transformative effect on Dr Newman, her family and her patients. In her first book Gemma shares the tools and knowledge she has learned from over 17 years’ experience, combining trusted medical evidence with simple eating advice to prevent and aid recovery from a host of common chronic illnesses.

In this ground-breaking book, Gemma provides a roadmap on how to harness the power of nutrition with over 60 delicious meal ideas, and meal plans to fill in, to get you started and help you keep on track, The Plant Power Doctor is a simple, powerful way of eating for everyone.

Learn more about the author via her website:

Instagram: plantpowerdoctor

Facebook: plantpowerdoctor

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