3 x ScratchSleeves boys PJ Tops (aged 8-16 years)

Offer ends: 10 August 2020

Itchy, scratchy child or teenager? Let skin heal with ScratchSleeves.

Itchiness is a horrible feeling. It leads to sleep deprivation, exhausted willpower and the inevitable night time scratching can cause wounds, infections and even scars. 

You can make this a thing of the past with Scratchsleeves latest PJ tops because:

They enable skin to heal, and reduce irritation and infection. 

Only soft cotton and silk touches your child’s skin, so they are extremely comfortable. 

The fabrics are robust and machine washable. 

They are working on children throughout the world. 

ScratchSleeves PJ tops can also help with acne picking, allergic reactions, nervous conditions such as pulling out eyelashes and post operative healing.

These tops have been designed specifically with older children in mind with input from our own children in the target demographic. 

ScratchSleeves PJ tops are available exclusively through our shop and we abide by a 'no quibbles guarantee'. If you're not satisfied we will fully refund you. 

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