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Offer ends: 30 June 2023

At talkhealth, our members take centre stage. But, to put on our best show, it's crucial that we know your thoughts. Our wide range of patient support programmes are one of the most used features on our platform but once in a while, everything needs a little refresh. That's why we want to hear your feedback on the programmes you have signed up for. From thoughts on the length of the programme to its layout - and everything in between - we need your help to make the programmes as good as they can be for our members. 

That’s why we ask for two short surveys to be completed at the beginning and end of each programme. The results provide us with real-time feedback on what our members love and the content they found less useful. 

As a thank you for answering both questionnaires and providing us with unique insights, we’ll enter you into our monthly draw and you'll be in with a chance of winning 1 of 2 £10 vouchers. 



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Give feedback, win vouchers!

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