Sleep is so important to our health, and we all appreciate the value of a good night’s sleep. Insomnia is the inability or difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep for a long enough time to wake up feeling rested.

Sleep issues can affect anyone, with 1 in every 3 people in the UK living with sleep issues such as disturbed sleep or insomnia. Many of these sleep issues can be short term, due to stress, illness or environmental and lifestyle factors.

In more extreme cases however people can be living with sleep problems for months or even years, which can have a big impact on quality of life, limiting what you can do and your mood.

Our talkhealth sleep support programme is suitable for anyone, whether you have recently started to struggle with your sleep or you have been living with sleep related issues for some time, and the carers of someone who struggles with sleep.

If you would like to take part in the sleep patient support programme once it has launched, please do register your interest by filling out our quick expression of interest form.

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