Cleanmarine® MenoMin

Cleanmarine® MenoMin is ideal for menopausal women, helping to regulate hormonal activity, maintain normal mucous membranes, as well as reduce tiredness and fatigue.

*Now available on prescription*

Each capsule of Cleanmarine MenoMin contains Omega 3, Biotin, Rosemary Oil and Soy Isoflavones along with a range of vitamins to provide nutritional support for this phase of life. Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity and along with vitamins B1 and B12 it also contributes to normal psychological function.

The menopause can be a draining experience energy level wise for some women. Why not consider a natural approach to maintain energy levels? Cleanmarine MenoMin contains biotin plus Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 that contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism while Vitamin B2, B6, B12 and folate contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

Cleanmarine MenoMin contains both Vitamin B2 and biotin that contribute to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes which line the vagina and other parts of the body including the mouth. 

Bone health is very important as we get older and especially as we approach the menopause. Cleanmarine MenoMin contains Vitamin D3 which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones as well as the absorption and utilisation of calcium from the diet.

Think of Cleanmarine MenoMin as your all in one peri and menopausal daily supplement.

For more information, you can visit Cleanmarine’s website or read the article on our site

Overall Rating



On first opening the box of Cleanmarine MenoMin I found the colour and size of the capsules a little off-putting but they are of a size of other capsule supplements. I was surprised to find that there was no insert in the box telling any allergy advice etc with it being a fish related product, the only details of this were ingredients in bold on the box.

I proceeded to take two capsules per day as it said on the box.  Over my time of taking this product, I found them quite easy to swallow despite the size and I have noticed my skin feeling softer and not so many breakouts, my hair felt good and I saw less hair on my brush and in the shower when brushing or washing my hair. I also felt I had more get up and go and felt happier, I also stopped suffering from vaginal dryness so everything felt a lot more comfortable and normal down there. All together this seems to be a great product that does what it says and I think a lot of menopausal women would find it helpful. The only drawback I had while taking this product was swollen ankles but I am not sure if it was taking this product that caused it so I have gone on to buy more but stopped taking them until ankles were normal then started again to see if the ankles were an allergic reaction, thankfully there seems to be no more swelling at the moment so may just have been a coincidence but I thought it was worth mentioning in case anyone else had the same thing happen.

Kaz (Aug 20) 4.5/5

I received my supply of  Cleanmarine® MenoMin and must admit I was initially sceptical of any lasting improvement of my menopausal symptoms which include fatigue, insomnia, hot flushes, and night sweats, plus mood swings. I began taking the product as soon as I received them and for the first month I was pretty much on symptom watch daily, by half way through this I relaxed and continued worrying less about watching those symptoms as much, which relaxed me more I have to admit. By the end of the first month, I realized I was sleeping for longer, averaging about 8hrs up from around 6hrs, not only that the quality of the sleep was much better on the whole. By the beginning of the second-month things had improved beyond my expectations, I was much more relaxed and felt better in myself mood-wise, experiencing fewer dips and felt more balanced. my other symptoms improved greatly my hot flushes were occurring less, the night sweats were down for every night to once or twice a week, I had more energy, doing more things in a day, my garden has never looked so good. On the whole, I would say this is an excellent product, which I genuinely wanted to continue for the benefits I experienced and how they helped my symptoms. The only thing I would add is I tried to source more of the product to continue and found the price quite expensive. I give the product a 4-star rating from my own experience of using and the benefits experienced, I have dropped 1 star for the price.

Louise (Aug 20) 4.0/5

I am a 53 year old woman who suffers from hot flushes but I also suffer from arthritis and irritatable bowel.

After taking MenoMin for 2 months, I do feel that my hot flushes have decreased and are not as intense. My general health appears to have improved I feel less tired, I have arthritis but I still feel the benefits even in my joints. Sometimes I forgot the night time tablet so maybe a one a day tablet might be helpful, overall I felt that I benefited from the tablets gaining more energy as time went on, some people might find the size of the tablet to large to swallow but there was no after taste as with some supplements.

Joanne (Aug 20) 4.0/5

I received the MenoMin very quickly and was a little apprehensive as it contained Krill oil. I really thought I was going to hate it as I‘m not fond of fish and thought I’d be able to taste it. I opened the packet and smelt inside but couldn’t smell a thing! The capsules were quite easy to swallow and I started taking them straight away. 

I had been suffering for months from terrible sweats during the day and especially at night, where I’d wake absolutely dripping in sweat, which wasn’t nice at all. It was difficult to cope with, as I felt I was constantly getting changed and doing the laundry I was changing bedding so often! 

I had a major lack of energy and strength, it took me ages to motivate myself to even get out of bed most days. I suffered daily headaches, brain fog and I really wasn’t sleeping well at all, spending most of the night awake and then dozing off through sheer exhaustion at around 6am when it was time to get up and start a new day! My work suffered as I struggled so much. 

I wasn’t expecting changes from using MenoMin overnight, or for them to be so noticeable. But in reality, it only took around 10 days for me (and other members of my family) to start seeing a difference. 

My brain started feeling less ‘stuffed up’ and the fog lifted a little. I wasn’t forgetting so much, or repeating questions I’d already asked according to my adult daughter. 

I started to sleep a little better, just one or two nights at first which soon crept up to 5-6 nights which was fantastic for me. Sleeping for even 4-5 hours a night felt like a miracle. I felt like I had a bit more energy as the days went on and certainly felt more positive, which I think encouraged me to get up and try things. My enthusiasm to do things slowly returned and I did feel stronger in myself. I wasn’t lifting weights or anything like that, but I felt like I had a bit more strength within my arms and legs, which had been holding me back before, and also an inner strength within me. I started feeling a bit more confident too which was great. 

But the best thing that happened was the sweats eased off quite a lot. I was able to go out and didn’t have that ‘dripping tap’ feeling attached to my head! I still perspired a bit, but felt I was glowing - and the bonus was that I didn’t have to keep dabbing at my sodden brow so often. That felt absolutely fantastic for me. The night sweats lessened and I was sleeping more, which helped with my energy as I was having restorative sleep. 

All in all I’m really happy to have found MenoMin as it’s helped me a lot. As I said before, I wasn’t expecting such great results but overall I’m really pleased that I tried MenoMin as it really reduced a lot of my symptoms. 

I would definitely give the product a 5 star rating. If anyone is wondering if they should try MenoMin, I’d say give it a go. You never know how it could help you if you’re suffering from symptoms of the menopause. I was surprised by the positive results, hopefully, others will be too.

Beverley (Aug 20) 5.0/5

Menomin unlike other similar products had no unpleasant aftertaste and was easy to swallow. If the same dose could be consumed in one tablet it would be beneficial for a busy life, in 2020 everyone is looking to ease every process in life.  Unfortunately, I did not notice a benefit in the product as it did not reduce anxiety levels, unjust hormonal food craving or increase sleep, my skin remained in an unchanged good (normal type) skin condition. Hair was very dry, potentially due to weather but not adjusted by the makeup of your product. I have been in good health throughout the trial.  According to blood tests, the Dr has indicated my menopause cycle will have finished by about August this year but I would be looking for a product similar to this to maintain the balance in the symptoms. Fatigue has not been adjusted by this product and I am often dozing on the sofa by 9pm. It has however possibly, reduced any joint pain I was experiencing previously. I might consider taking again during the winter months to see if more/any benefits are noticed.

NOTE: During this time we suffered from the COVID19 lockdown but with exceptionally good weather so Vitamin D levels would have been high for me at this time.  I was exercising daily outdoors for an extended period of time which could considerably have strengthened muscles and eased any joint aches.

Christina (Aug 20) 2.0/5

I can't believe that it has been 2 months since I started the trial of the MenoMin. I have now used all the capsules and I'd happily give this product 5 stars. I was a bit sceptical that the product would do anything to help with the hot do's I was having but these have proved me wrong. I am almost 4 years post-hysterectomy and I have gone from a few times a day getting very hot to now only having a hot do once or twice a week if at all. They are easy to swallow and didn't smell or taste of anything and were taken at night as I couldn't see anywhere that said what time of day you had to take them, so I took them with my prescribed medication just before going to bed as I know the body does most of its maintenance work then. Another added bonus of these capsules is that my nails are now in a better condition and have stopped flaking and are not as brittle. I'm going to see how long the effects of the capsules last now I've had the last ones on Monday night. I would highly recommend giving these capsules a go.

Ginny (Aug 20) 5.0/5

I was very excited to try Cleanmarine MenoMin when it arrived. I liked the purple colour of the box and I could easily read the ingredients. I liked the fact that the ingredients were obtained by eco harvesting. I was happy when I read that it contained Biotin which helps maintain normal hair as I have had problems with hair loss since the start of menopause. I also liked that MenoMin contained Omega-3 EPA/DHA which contributes to normal heart function which is very beneficial. When I opened the box and saw that the capsules were black I was worried that they would not taste very nice. I was pleasantly surprised they had no taste off them at all and were very easy to swallow. I had no unpleasant aftertaste and indigestion which I have sometimes had after taking supplements which contained fish oil. I have enjoyed taking MenoMin and not had any unpleasant side effects whatsoever. I have also noticed that I have suffered less hair loss since I have started taking them. I have been feeling more energetic and have been able to complete some of my shelved projects. I have been having less problems with hot flushes and mood swings. I have also been having a better nights sleep which has been making me feel much better and improving my concentration and thought process. I would definitely recommend MenoMin and will be buying it in the future as long is it is reasonably priced.

Hilary (Jul 20) 5.0/5

I would give Menomin a rating of 4 out of 5.  I would have given higher but as I was only able to test one box the very positive changes I noticed could have been a coincidence especially given the other lifestyle changes I have made recently due to COVID 19.  However, I have noticed a significant reduction in hot flushes and the accompanying sleep disturbances which have been great.  For this reason alone, I intend to purchase more Menomin.  My periods continue albeit getting lighter and more infrequent - again this could be due to Menomin or coincidental but is greatly appreciated whatever as previously they were much heavier and more painful. My mood swings are also much less noticeable.  I have tried similar products before with little difference noted so I have been very pleased and am happy to recommend to anyone else going through the menopause.

Jayne (Jul 20) 4.0/5

The recommended dose is two soft gel capsules per day which I found very easy to take and I didn't experience any after taste. I am post-hysterectomy and still experience some hot flushes but after around three weeks they subsided slightly which I was pleasantly surprised with. The benefits of the combined ingredients which include B Vitamins, Folate, Vitamin D3 etc seemed to level my mood out, I also felt more relaxed which helps immensely with having fibromyalgia as I experience very down days along with all over body pain which is often severe enough for me to stay in bed all day.  MenoMin seemed to help slightly with this too.

I haven't experienced any problems with MenoMin at all and feel that they have helped me with some of the effects of menopause. I would be more than happy to purchase more of this product so that I can continue to benefit the qualities of MenoMin. 

I would also recommend MenoMin to any women who are experiencing difficulties with the menopause so that hopefully they can experience for themselves the benefits of this product.

Tracey (Jul 20) 5.0/5

Loved the box the MenoMin capsules came in, very attractive and distinctive. Within one week of taking 2 capsules every day, I found I did feel a difference. I felt more energised and aware.  My symptoms of hot flushes, especially at night were curbed and I didn't feel uncomfortable at night.  My appetite was suppressed and found myself not wanting big meals.

After approx 5 weeks I felt the capsules had "run it's course" and started to get the hot flushes at night time again and my appetite grew. I continued to take MenoMin and finished the 2 month supply.  Everybody is different, however, MenoMin helped me initially but then my body reverted back to the usual menopause symptoms after finishing the 2 month supply.

Indera (Jul 20) 4.0/5

For a few months I’ve been having the symptoms of peri-menopausal, hot flushes day and night, being really ratty, getting headaches (when I never got them before) and just feeling rubbish in myself.

After trawling through the internet for ideas/remedies and nearly giving up I came across Talkhealth’s website and after reading the reviews for Cleanmarine I thought I’d give them a go.

I decided to only take one per day for now instead of the recommended two as I think it is the early stages. I have been taking them now for just over 3 weeks and already noticed a slight difference, the main one being not so ratty, the hot flushes during the day aren’t as much and I’m definitely feeling better in myself.

I’m surprised that it is quite a big capsule and I do struggle with taking tablets so wasn’t sure if I would be able to take it but turns out they are very easy to swallow and no after taste.

I would like to thank the people who have done the reviews as they have helped me with making the decision to start taking them.  

Sarah (Jun 20) 5.0/5

Being a lady of over 50 I'm always keen to try new ways to keep (and enhance) my looks and well-being. 

Having tried prescription hormone therapy (HRT) previously (stopped due to conflicting informational evidence), in conjunction with GP approval, I was keen to try more natural ways to balance both my mental and physical well-being.

After 2 months of taking MenoMin capsules I can say there was a noticeable difference in my skin, moods, general well-being and most notably: My sleep - from 2-3 hours to 5-6 hours!  My skin - from dry pallid to much smoother/dewy looking with a healthy glow.  

The future: I will continue using MenoMin and I'd certainly recommend to anyone who feels their energy/sleep/skin needs a boost.

Margaret (Feb 20) 5.0/5

I would give this product 4 out of 5 and have no criticism of them apart from they are a bit cumbersome to swallow. 

The tablets come in attractive pack with information  on the pack. Each tablet is sealed in a foiled segment. The tablets do seem large but I managed to swallow them ok. After a week of taking them I felt myself perk up a bit both physically and mentally. I didn’t feel as ratty as normal and felt pretty good and rather strangely my libido has returned which has pleased my partner no end. I will continue to purchase these and take every day.

Donna (Feb 20) 4.0/5

I started taking the tablets two months ago for peri-menopausal symptoms.  These included tiredness, night sweats, hot flushes and hormonal migraines.

At first look, the tablets are quite large and dark looking in colour.  They are surprisingly easy to take however, and do not taste of anything.  If you do struggle with taking larger tablets then this may be an issue for you but certainly wasn’t for me.

I didn’t really feel much impact from taking the tablets in the first couple of weeks.  I had no obvious improvements but no side effects either.  I was still suffering from night sweats, although I didn’t seem to be getting as many hot flushes during the day.  It wasn’t until I had completed over a full month of the tablets that I realised that the migraines that I had been getting had substantially reduced in volume and intensity.  Instead of getting migraines every few days and having to treat them with triptans, I had only had a couple of attacks.  This improvement continued throughout the course of Cleanmarine MenoMin.

In summary, I think the tablets were less helpful in terms of night sweats, which I am still getting, but were amazing in terms of helping to treat and manage my migraines.  For that purpose, I would fully recommend trying these if you suffer from hormonal migraines.

Debra (Feb 20) 4.0/5

I started taking CleanMarine MenoMin a couple of months ago, when they arrived I noticed that they were in blister packs, which is not a very environmentally friendly packaging option & strangely, given that the dose is 2/day, there is an odd number in each strip! This confused me slightly, when I got towards the end of the first strip, as I thought, initially, that I’d mistakenly only taken one capsule on one of the previous days. 

These are minor points, however, it is always difficult to be sure whether a supplement has had an effect, as it is often gradual & symptoms vary from day to day anyway! 

I do feel these lifted my mood, as after a couple of weeks of taking these, I noticed that I was singing to myself while doing the housework & I generally felt more positive. 

I have also had people comment on how good my skin is looking! 

I’m not sure that I’ve noticed any other differences since taking these. I would certainly take these in preference to cod liver oil, as there is no aftertaste & splitting the dose into 2 capsules, makes it so much easier to swallow. 

Sharon (Feb 20) 4.0/5