Confitex for Men

Confitex for Men leakproof underwear. They’re quality cloth underwear that look, feel, wash and dry like ordinary undies, but with the added bonus of a pouch lined with Confitex’s market-leading patented absorbent textile.

Confitex for Men Everyday Absorbency trunks have been lab-verified to absorb and retain up to 50ml, even under bodyweight pressure. 

Why choose Confitex for Men?

  • Awarded 2021 Best Product of the Year in the prestigious Plus X Awards
  • Comfortable, quality cloth fabric just like normal underwear
  • Superior absorbency and leak-proofing for light bladder leakage
  • Independently lab-tested leakproof, breathable, with proven performance to at least 52 wash and wears
  • Discreet, with no tell-tale show-through or external bulk
  • No worries in disposing of pads when out and about
  • Supportive moulded pouch with no uncomfortable centre seam!
  • Stylish designs available in two absorbency levels 
  • Machine washable and tumble dryable to save time and money
  • Easy online ordering and discreet delivery to your door

Overall Rating


Having tried the Confitex trunks I have found that the fit and comfort of the trunks is excellent, on a par with more mainstream products from more well-known brand names. They hold their colour well after a wash and dry quickly.
One area worth noting is that the pad in the trunks does form a pouch type shape at the front, which is quite prominent; think ‘codpiece’ type element. It is not as evident under most trousers however with tight trousers this is something worth considering. Overall the trunks are recommended and offer an effective solution to a potentially embarrassing issue.

David (Feb 23) 4.0/5

I was initially wary about trying Confitex men trunks both because of the comfort and practicality side of things and of course the potential embarrassment of using of them – especially if they could be noticeable due to be being bulky. Needless to say, when they arrived, I was surprised how well made they were, comfortable and whilst slightly thicker than perhaps average day to day trunks, certainly not to the extent that I found them difficult to wear but also being ‘seen’ underneath my trousers. Once on I really didn’t notice they were there and indeed provided more safety and security for any potential minor drips during the day. 

Overall great product – five stars.  

Martin (Feb 23) 5.0/5

I was impressed with the presentation and look. The fabric and fit was very comfortable and was not in any way detectable during use, which was a good feeling. They were a confidence boost in case of any incident and were impressive in performance. They are easily cared for, just as normal clothing. Overall very pleased with them, and happily give a top score rating. 

David (Feb 23) 5.0/5

First thing I noticed was the packaging. Each trunk was individually packed in a cloth bag so could be kept descreetly if required. On opening I noticed the colours which look nice. A really good quality feel to the material you know these are not cheap and made to last.

They look and feel like normal underwear but they are very absorbent and have a seal so no embarrassing odours or leaks they are machine wash-able.

All in all a excellent product and I rate it a 5 out of 5.

Paul (Feb 23) 5.0/5

These are wonderful alternatives to absorbent pads. They fit perfectly, are absorbent as advertised and look great. My first purchase was the super absorbent version, but I found that I didn't need that iteration. I next purchased the everyday trunks, and these suited my needs. I have since purchased four more pairs. All the plastic that comes with using the commercial pads was weighing on me as wasteful and harmful to the environment. So, I was grateful to Confitex for giving me such an effective alternative. I hope this review will be  helpful for other people who have got a similar condition.

Mudassar (Jan 23) 5.0/5

These items are a godsend! They do everything that they say they do and protect you from leaks. I highly recommend them and I will use these all the time now as I think that they are great, modern design and very comfortable.  

John (Jan 23) 5.0/5

I have tried both absorbency trunks. They remove any doubt and worry about things that may go wrong during the day. Such a relief in my mind. They are comfortable to wear, which is a help, and really not that different to ordinary trunks but with an extra guarantee. Tighter elastic than the ordinary trunks, which in itself adds confidence in them. Comfortable to wear during the day and evening. Able to wash at a low temperature should make them last longer too. The colours are not bold and do not show that they are a different type to those worn before. My own rating is five out of five for comfort, style and confidence giving. Men do not usually talk about those things which their bodies do as we get older but, if a friend or family member said something, I would tell them about Confitex for Men Everyday Absorbency Trunks.

Clive (Jan 23) 5.0/5

When the Confitex trunks arrived, it was plain to see from the packaging that this was a high end product. Initial wash was okay but took a long time to dry. The product was very comfortable and fitted well and did the job that it was intended to do. After washing kept it shape and was fine.The price would have been nice to know as if like me you change underwear daily you would need a few pairs. Would have no problem in giving it top marks and will tell people about them!

Alfred (Jan 23) 5.0/5

I found them rather a tight fit to put on but once on they settled nicely and felt like any other boxers or trunks. The padding to protect any urine loss was forgotten after a while and I was able to go about my day with no worries if I did leak at anytime. At the end of the day I put them in the washing basket knowing they would be ready to use again.

David (Jan 23) 4.0/5

These are perfect! Great for men that are struggling with bladder problems - I highly recommend. I will certainly buy these as they are just what I need. They fit perfectly. I'll tell all my friends about them - fantastic range!

Graham (Jan 23) 5.0/5

I found these trunks to be a perfect fit for me and a good style, I think they would benefit from a range of colours rather than just darker colours, but that is just personal preference.

Perfectly absorbent as and when required.

The only real issues that I had with them were they were a little bit 'rustly' when wearing.

Tended to make me a bit sweaty when wearing , but this may improve with further washing and wearing.

I would have no hesitation recommending to others in a similar situation to me.

Paul (Jan 23) 4.0/5

The trunks felt like swimming trunks which probably helped explain their absorbent qualities. They were very comfortable to wear even though I would have preferred a smaller size.

Considering the cost of living crisis, I purposely shower and wash clothes less often. Therefore my review is based on wearing the trunks for more than 2 days on multiple occasions over the last few weeks.

I couldn't see obvious stains from the trunks which I usually see on my previous underwear. The trunks do dry quickly following any leakage (whether accidental or overnight). 

I believe these trunks trap fewer odours when compared to my own, however, I'd say this benefit is at most a day or two. I'd like to reiterate by saying the trunk's absorbent qualities are the main feature.

I would recommend the trunks to friends and family, however again due to cost of living constraints, I am unsure if these trunks would be affordable.

Wayne (Jan 23) 5.0/5

On getting the underwear I was pleasantly surprised at the fantastic quality, I actually expected some sort of less comfortable material. Made from comfortable quality fabric, just like normal underwear, I have used other products but these are far superior. The absorbency and being leak proof were a big deal for me helping big time with my moderate leakage. I liked that they were odour-resistant and discreet, with no show-through or external bulk, the supported pouch and stylish designs available are really good. Also, being machine washable and tumble dryable to save time and money, I also see that I can order online easily, they get a big thumbs up from me.

Pat (Jul 22) 5.0/5

When I first saw the promotion about trying the Confitex trunks I was very apprehensive to say the least, having tried various other products over the years. Firstly can I say that they are so so comfortable to wear day in and out. I absolutely love the trunks, they have great absorbency and no odour. The sizes are great too having tried other brands some are big and bulky and some rub in rather intimate places too. Next is the price, I think it’s very reasonable for such a great product! When I have worn the 2 samples out I will definitely be buying them from now on. I have slight incontinence after an accident in work around 14 years ago and have tried various pads and bulky underwear and I am always paranoid that other people can see them under my trousers, the Confitex products eliminates that problem. They are just like wearing normal underwear and the fact that they wash and dry so great is also a bonus. I would have no hesitation in recommending Confitex products to anyone, if like me you are hesitant then please believe me that this is the best product on the market I’ve tried.  Thanks again for letting me try out these amazing products and giving me my self confidence back . 

Dave (Jul 22) 5.0/5

Wearing these trunks for the first time, I was absolutely amazed about how comfortable they were. They are extremely comfortable to wear and you cannot tell that these are absorbency trunks! They look and feel like your normal everyday trunk boxer shorts, comfortable and skin tight with that support that you get from premium underwear. I suffer from a chronic spinal disease, with damaged  nerves in the base of my spine, unfortunately as a result I suffer from slight bladder issues and leakages. With these Absorbency Trunks it wasn't long before I had my first leakage. My initial response was nervousness, because as per normal I thought its going to go straight through and show through my bottoms I was wearing! But no, no wet patch on my bottoms, the Trunks had done their job absolutely perfectly. When it happened again later on, with the same result and no wet patch. These Everyday Absorbency Trunks are the absolute business. I feel extremely comfortable and able to carry out my normal everyday jobs, with the feeling of safety and secure in the knowledge that my leakages are fully contained inside. This is to me an absolute game changer, no more stuffing toilet tissue down my boxer shorts or having to change my underwear or bottoms on a regular basis, if I have had a little leakage. They look, feel and support like regular boxer shorts, but with the extra protection of the super absorbency pad stitched inside the Trunks, they also look the part too, like a pair of premium trunk boxer shorts. They are super easy to wash too, just put them in washing machine, wash, dry and away we go again! These are an absolute life saver, no more embarrassing moments of wet patches when I'm out and about. In short, I absolutely love these!

Darren (Jun 22) 5.0/5