Confitex for Men

Confitex for Men leakproof underwear. They’re quality cloth underwear that look, feel, wash and dry like ordinary undies, but with the added bonus of a pouch lined with Confitex’s market-leading patented absorbent textile.

Confitex for Men Everyday Absorbency trunks have been lab-verified to absorb and retain up to 50ml, even under bodyweight pressure. 

Why choose Confitex for Men?

  • Awarded 2021 Best Product of the Year in the prestigious Plus X Awards
  • Comfortable, quality cloth fabric just like normal underwear
  • Superior absorbency and leak-proofing for light bladder leakage
  • Independently lab-tested leakproof, breathable, with proven performance to at least 52 wash and wears
  • Discreet, with no tell-tale show-through or external bulk
  • No worries in disposing of pads when out and about
  • Supportive moulded pouch with no uncomfortable centre seam!
  • Stylish designs available in two absorbency levels 
  • Machine washable and tumble dryable to save time and money
  • Easy online ordering and discreet delivery to your door

Overall Rating


On getting the underwear I was pleasantly surprised at the fantastic quality, I actually expected some sort of less comfortable material. Made from comfortable quality fabric, just like normal underwear, I have used other products but these are far superior. The absorbency and being leak proof were a big deal for me helping big time with my moderate leakage. I liked that they were odour-resistant and discreet, with no show-through or external bulk, the supported pouch and stylish designs available are really good. Also, being machine washable and tumble dryable to save time and money, I also see that I can order online easily, they get a big thumbs up from me.

Pat (Jul 22) 5.0/5

When I first saw the promotion about trying the Confitex trunks I was very apprehensive to say the least, having tried various other products over the years. Firstly can I say that they are so so comfortable to wear day in and out. I absolutely love the trunks, they have great absorbency and no odour. The sizes are great too having tried other brands some are big and bulky and some rub in rather intimate places too. Next is the price, I think it’s very reasonable for such a great product! When I have worn the 2 samples out I will definitely be buying them from now on. I have slight incontinence after an accident in work around 14 years ago and have tried various pads and bulky underwear and I am always paranoid that other people can see them under my trousers, the Confitex products eliminates that problem. They are just like wearing normal underwear and the fact that they wash and dry so great is also a bonus. I would have no hesitation in recommending Confitex products to anyone, if like me you are hesitant then please believe me that this is the best product on the market I’ve tried.  Thanks again for letting me try out these amazing products and giving me my self confidence back . 

Dave (Jul 22) 5.0/5

Wearing these trunks for the first time, I was absolutely amazed about how comfortable they were. They are extremely comfortable to wear and you cannot tell that these are absorbency trunks! They look and feel like your normal everyday trunk boxer shorts, comfortable and skin tight with that support that you get from premium underwear. I suffer from a chronic spinal disease, with damaged  nerves in the base of my spine, unfortunately as a result I suffer from slight bladder issues and leakages. With these Absorbency Trunks it wasn't long before I had my first leakage. My initial response was nervousness, because as per normal I thought its going to go straight through and show through my bottoms I was wearing! But no, no wet patch on my bottoms, the Trunks had done their job absolutely perfectly. When it happened again later on, with the same result and no wet patch. These Everyday Absorbency Trunks are the absolute business. I feel extremely comfortable and able to carry out my normal everyday jobs, with the feeling of safety and secure in the knowledge that my leakages are fully contained inside. This is to me an absolute game changer, no more stuffing toilet tissue down my boxer shorts or having to change my underwear or bottoms on a regular basis, if I have had a little leakage. They look, feel and support like regular boxer shorts, but with the extra protection of the super absorbency pad stitched inside the Trunks, they also look the part too, like a pair of premium trunk boxer shorts. They are super easy to wash too, just put them in washing machine, wash, dry and away we go again! These are an absolute life saver, no more embarrassing moments of wet patches when I'm out and about. In short, I absolutely love these!

Darren (Jun 22) 5.0/5

I have used a number of product over the last 5 years including pad and pullups from leading brands. My feelings on Confitex for Men is they are made from a comfy material and are very discreet that makes them perfect for everyday use including going to the gym. I also felt that they looked so normal that I felt comfortable wearing them when I went out on a date with a new person as they did not have the same normal tell tail signs of being used for incontinence that pads do. The only down side I found was that I felt the pinstripe design looked a bit old fashioned for a 42 year old male but the plan ones where perfect. The sizing where a perfect fit for me and the same size I use in underwear. They did not fail me once by leaking. Would like to see more plain colours added to the range. I would recommend to any male that is suffering incontinence and looking for normal looking underwear that can be used for daily life and even when meeting someone new. I would give them 5 out 5.

Craig (Jun 22) 5.0/5

These boxers are great. They are comfortable and reasonably loose which I really like as this means good airflow around my parts, unlike pads., so healthier. Also, unlike pads there is no rustle as you move and worry of them becoming unstuck. Also, I like the seamless design, so no riding up or chaffing. I was worried they may smell, like pads sometimes do, but they did not which really surprised me. All leaks were captured and dealt with as expected so the boxers performed flawlessly for me. Much better than pads.

The care of them is an issue for me. The two pairs I had, one came in a mesh wash bag, the other in a canvas bag. Both had several labels which differed in their care instructions. One label told to put the boxers in a wash bag before washing, the other did not mention this. One said to rinse before washing, the other did not. Both however said not to use conditioner. But I use washing tablets, three in one, so I used them. Also, I was worried that washing at such a low temperature would not kill off all the bacteria.

Phil (Jun 22) 4.0/5

I found Confitex for Men Everyday Absorbency Trunks to be everything they claimed. Having had a radical prostatectomy after a diagnosis of prostate cancer, I have experienced residual problems with slight leakage.  The trunks deal with this issue without the need for pads.  They are also easy to wash and dry.  I am so pleased to have discovered this product.

David (Jun 22) 5.0/5

After a few months dealing with bladder issues and trying to find something that works and looks good. I can finally say I have find a products that works. These underwear are so comfortable to wear and not noticeable under clothing. Keeps you feeling fresh and no smell even with a leak through out the day. Very simple and stylish designs which is always a bonus when you need to take them off in a hurry wink wink. Not having a centre front seam makes it even more fashionable and keeps you feeling very secure.Yes they are a bit heavy at the front then normal boxers but ones you have them on, you will not see the difference. I have worn them in 27 ° plus and they feel great on.The sheerness of the cloth kepts me very cool too.They give me the confidence I need ,without the fear of an unexpected leak messing up my day. It’s so nice not to have to wear pads anymore really. I would definitely recommend them to any male who experiences light bladder leakages like me. I am very impressed indeed, a great product and well worth the price. I give it a 5 out of 5!

Chase (Jun 22) 5.0/5

An excellent product.  These Confitex trunks were found to be an ideal solution to my problem.  Having suffered with bladder cancer some five years ago the treatments and subsequent annual checks, all carried out through my urethra, have left me cancer free but with the embarrassment of urine drips.   The Confitex trunks coped very well with these.  I liked the silky smooth feel of the material, the proper pouch at the front and the fact that the absorbent material continues right up to the waistband.  The only slight problem was the initial stiffness of the elastic waistband but with wear and washing this did soften considerably.  The initial stiffness made it awkward to lower the waistband at the front in order to use a urinal.  Washing and tumble drying the trunks was easy using the wash bag provided because I normally launder all my clothes at a low temperature. Altogether, I was very satisfied with both pairs of Confitex trunks and have no hesitation in giving them a score of 5 out of 5.  I look forward to a continued relationship with Confitex products for many years to come.

Michael (Jun 22) 5.0/5

I have tested the product everyday while exercising. I do not have leakage, but the absorbance and the comfort of the underwear is utterly amazing. While distance running you try and wear as little as possible to be lightweight and sweat freely,  though Confitex underwear might look a bit bulky, but you don't even realise that whilst wearing them and movement is very free. I did not feel any chafing either which I do with many other products. Definitely a five star product!

Imran (Jun 22) 5.0/5

I found the product fit was good to the rear, but too saggy at the front with far too much padding provided to deal with dribbles. Underneath this the perineum area was too tight when worn and the boxers often needed adjusting in this area to get them comfortable again, and this kept re-occurring. They were the right size for me, it just appeared the thicker material section underneath the padded area didn't have enough flex in it to keep them comfy. With regards leakage they were totally fine for this and fit their purpose well, but given they were so padded to the front, much more than I expected them to be, I was a bit self-conscious wearing them out and about and felt they rustled quite a bit under your shorts or trousers. They didn't seem to show different to normal boxers in general under my clothing, but as soon as I took them out the pack, I was surprised how much the padding showed proud at the front and it didn't appear like the image I'd seen for them or what I had expected, as otherwise they looked like normal boxers. Taking all of this into consideration I would rate them 3/5, but a few tweaks would increase this towards a 5 if more comfortable and less padding.

Scott (Jun 22) 3.0/5

At first I was a bit sceptical about the design of these trunks, as I am of a certain age, the occasional leak when the desire to urinate is somewhat urgent.  I have had the embarrassing situation of a tell-tale wet patch, not anymore, these trunks are extremely comfortable and any leak is easily absorbed by the padded area.  Washing does not impact on the absorbency of the pad, so repeated use and laundry is an extra bonus, no more need to keep purchasing mens sanitary pads. They are a comfortable fit, although slightly too large for me, that is my fault on the ordering, even so they still fitted comfortably. I would have no hesitation in recommending these for men of any age who suffer with this situation of leaking.  An excellent product.

Roy (Jun 22) 4.0/5

The Confitex For Men Everyday Absorbency trunks are very comfortable and leakproof. It is very worrying when you get bladder leak and these trunks make your life easier and they when worn make you feel like you are wearing normal underwear.Always have a few pairs as they take longer to dry than normal underwear.They are easy to order online and come in normal discreet packaging.They come in different designs which means you can different ones every week.They are breathable so you do not get hot in them and gentle on your skin on areas that can be sensitive with normal pants. I found them easy to wash and dry as you can pop them in your washing machine and even tumble dry them.

Peter (Jun 22) 5.0/5

Found the product super it washed good and was easy to wear be better if it had a flap so you could pee without pulling them down the bag to wash them is a good idea. I think these are the best I have tried. Would definitely recommend. But price needs to be right. I give them a 5 star rating

Henry (Jun 22) 5.0/5