Cysticlean® 240mg PAC is a supplement to support the normal function of the bladder and for women with recurrent cystitis and UTIs.

As experts in Urinary health for more than 12 years we are frequently asked the question - why am I always getting cystitis/UTIs?

Understanding this is key to maintaining your urinary tract comfort.

Where your GP has ruled out any complications-uncomplicated urinary tract infections are mainly caused by E coli bacteria adhering to the bladder wall. For people suffering 3 or more times a year this can become a real misery especially as doctors are increasingly reluctant to prescribe antibiotics because of growing antibiotic resistance.
Why are some people more susceptible? Often there is no obvious cause. The menopause, a new sexual partner, being overweight or being too sedentary can all be trigger factors. Anything that might damage the bladder wall -even a previous UTI can make it easier for bacteria to adhere to the bladder wall.

Finding a way of breaking this cycle of infection is key to maintaining bladder comfort.


Overall Rating


Not an itch, soreness. No cystitis!!!!  Would carry on taking.

Lucy (Jul 20) 5.0/5

I took Cysticlean every night for 3 months, wondering if it would work. I have tried everything over the last 3 years and nothing helped, every time I went to the loo I was terrified I would be starting another UTI.

I have had numerous antibiotics, treks to the doctors with wee samples and while the antibiotics mostly worked I was terrified when I finished the course the infection would be back. The water infections made me feel physically and somewhat mentally ill, anxiety had taken over! You should not have to worry every time you go to the loo.

This product is amazing and has changed my life! Have taken it for just over 3 months and have not had a single problem! They say age doesn't come without problems which is very true, bad enough with the wrinkles, aches and pains but you don"t realise after the menopause the problems get worse and having UTIs constantly does not help.

I have tried preventative products over the years but Cysticlean blows them all out of the water! After this trial I shall be certainly using this again and again, mind you the capsule size can be a little difficult to swallow but downed with plenty of water it's fine!

I recommend this to all women with similar problems to myself and it totally natural! 

Deborah B (Jun 20) 5.0/5

I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to discover this product. I have suffered from repeated painful cystitis and UTIs for years and nothing except antibiotics have seemed to help.  I didn’t want to keep relying on antibiotics for a long-term solution and now I have finally found something that works as a preventative for me. I will never be without this product again, it is phenomenal!!

I found Cysticlean very effective at preventing urinary infections and irritations, I take one easy to swallow capsule every night before bed as per the instructions on the box and it has made a big difference to my life. Since taking this product for almost 3 months I am delighted to report that I have not suffered with Cystitis or any other bladder irritations at all. I will continue to use these and I am confident I will stay infection free.  I have my life back and since taking these tablets daily I haven’t even thought about Cystitis.  I used to plan my life around bladder infections and it would often stop me doing things I love and would often leave me having to miss days from work or having to cancel arrangements but since taking Cysticlean I have not suffered one episode of painful bacterial cystitis.  I found Cysticlean very effective for the prevention of UTI, particularly if recurrent. I highly recommend this product.

Esme (Jun 20) 5.0/5

I have been testing Cysticlean for 3 months now. I admit that I was sceptical and wasn't sure it would work. I constantly felt like I had a urine infection brewing. I was experiencing discomfort when passing urine and wanted to go lots. Cysticlean took a while to start working but after a month I started to feel a difference. I felt less irritated and stopped feeling like I had an infection coming on. It continued to improve and to date I haven't had a urine infection! I will continue to take this as I feel it has made a massive difference to me.

Deborah (Jun 20) 5.0/5

I have now finished the product trial and am delighted to report that I had none of the initial warning signs that usually signal a bout of cystitis is going to start, even better no symptoms or bout at all!  This is especially reassuring as it is in the hotter months that I usually get it. Is this a fluke?  Well, I am not prepared to take a chance!! Because the tablets are easy to take with my nightly glass of water ( I just keep them in my bedside drawer) and given they are natural with no lactose or gluten in the coating and sugar free I am much happier taking these instead of drinking cranberry juice which I never liked and had to force down!!  The tablets are easy to swallow and a standard size. Although it is an additional expense, it is not ridiculous and I think it is an investment in my health which is so important and worth every penny.  I plan to continue for 6 months then keep a pack ready if and when I require it in future, but on first impression I think/hope it won't be necessary.  A huge thanks to talkhealth for affording me this trial and introducing me to such a genuinely helpful product.

Rachel (Jun 20) 5.0/5

I found taking Cysticlean to be easy. It is a nice size capsule and easy to swallow. I took it in the late evening. I was keen to try the product after having urinary problems and infections over the past few years. Often although I had all the symptoms of an infection a urine test would show no evidence of this and my GP would not put me on a daily low dose preventative antibiotic because of this, even though I knew I had an infection. I was referred to the urology department but was only offered a cystoscopy which I did not want to proceed with as I felt I wasn't being listened to. I spoke to another GP who started me on Solifenacin. Shortly before taking Cysticlean I had a proven infection and asked if I could try another tablet but the treatment was antibiotics and an increase in the dose of Solifenacin. I am not sure if that or the Cysticlean have reduced my symptoms. I have not had an infection since. One thing I have noticed since taking Cysticlean is that my urine smells more and is a dark yellow colour. I have not had the lower abdominal pain that I was getting and the feeling of wanting to urinate often has diminished. Obviously I do not know if that is as a result of the other prescribed medication. I guess I will only know if Cysticlean has had an effect when the 3 month trial ends.

Helen (Jun 20) 3.0/5

I received a couple of boxes of Cysticlean to trial for 3 months, I was using it as per the cystitis prevention so only had to take 1 capsule per day with water preferably at night. It was simple and easy to do and the capsules were easy to swallow and didn't leave any aftertaste. Having a spinal condition which contributed to severe nerve damage to multiple internal organs, my bladder being one of them, I was very prone to either UTIs or cystitis.

Taking 1 of these tablets at night has meant that I have been cystitis free for the last couple of months and it's been great. Speaking to some friends in my Cauda Equina syndrome support group, quite a few have said that they have been using this product for a long while and it's helped them as well.

I will definitely be getting a few boxes of this to keep in the cupboard for further prevention and any treatment. I'd definitely give this product 5 stars and recommend it to other people who suffer from this condition.

Claire (Jun 20) 5.0/5

For many years I have had the unfortunate symptoms of bladder infections.  These symptoms have included needing to pee more often, feeling like I suddenly need to pee, lower tummy ache, feeling lethargic and dizzy. These episodes come and go throughout the year and occasionally I’ve needed antibiotics to help get rid of the infection.

After researching a more natural remedy, I came across a product called Cysticlean. I was really interested in learning that the way these capsules work is to actually prohibit the bacteria from attaching to the wall of the bladder!!! That’s amazing!

The capsules contain an extract from cranberries. I started off by taking 2 a day and then cut down to one a day. They are super easy to swallow. Since I’ve started taking them I have not had one single attack of cystitis or any of my usual symptoms. Neither have I suffered any side effects. After all these years I feel so relieved that I can, at last, take something natural and drug-free and feel relief at last.

I highly recommended them to everyone. They are worth every penny !!! 

Ria (Jun 20) 5.0/5

The tablets were easy to take and tasted ok. They helped and got rid of the infection although it took time for them to work in my body. I don't always like taking medicine from doctors etc as too many side effects.

Margaret (Jun 20) 5.0/5

The timing of this trial was perfect as I had just gone through a period of what I thought was UTIs. However, I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. Although Cysticlean is aimed at treating UTIs I thought it would be worth a go but didn't really expect anything to help. Cysticlean does take while to build up in your system but I did feel some benefits. The backache part of interstitial cystitis is crippling, however, since taking this supplement I have not had that problem. The burning part of urinating has also dissipated. Now I have finished this trial, I will, for comparison purposes test antihistamines as these are also said to help. If these doen't help then I would consider taking Cysticlean in the future but may stock up when I see it on offer as it is quite expensive.

Jayne (Jun 20) 3.5/5

I have taken Cysticlean for three months and I will definitely continue. These are the best tablets to prevent cystitis. Since I started my Cysticlean cure I have not experienced any urinary tract infection. My life is more relaxed since I take one tablet of Cysticlean every night. Luckily it is drug free, vegetarian and contains natural ingredients: cranberries, berries and myrtiles. It is easy to swallow. I take Cysticlean as one of my food supplements. Of course, I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. Prevention is very important for people, like me, who suffer with recurrent urinary tract problems. Cysticlean is my secret weapon. 

Linda (Jun 20) 5.0/5

I have used it for a long time now. Easy capsules to take, no taste and smell. I've decided to use them to make better my urine issues. I have to say I noticed some progress just after two weeks. I've stopped using the toilet every half an hour. I have not got any infection and still being clear. This is a natural product with high dose of cranberry extract which is known to treat urine problems. I'm hoping I will not have any more problems in the future. If yes I will buy these capsules definitely. I want to say thank you for the possibility to try it. It makes me happier at the end of the day. I would recommend Cysticlean to every woman with any symptoms of cystitis and other urine problems. Thank you again.

Agnieszka (Jun 20) 5.0/5