iD Classic Pants Plus/Super

The iD unisex incontinence pant has been designed to keep you dry and protect your skin all day long, thanks to its breathable materials and improved top sheet with all-natural ingredients. Approved by dermatologists, iD unisex incontinence pants provide complete skin protection.

  • Fast absorption – Instant dryness
  • 100% Breathable – Less risk of irritation and less risk of allergy
  • Treated top sheet with: Chamomile – known for its soothing and calming properties, Vitamin E - a natural ingredient with antioxidant properties and Zn O* - A natural purifying mineral component, zinc oxide is very good to protect the skin

iD Direct offer a fantastic selection of incontinence products from lightweight pads through to incontinence pants and disposable underwear. 

Overall Rating



These fitted very well and enabled me to go for a shopping expedition without the fear of leakage or odour. I liked the soft cotton feel and the fact that the pants were undetectable when I wore jeans or other trousers. They were extremely comfortable, no itching around the leg which I have found with other brands and no 'heavy' feeling at all. I walked our dogs in them and played badminton in the garden with my husband in them. My skin, after removing them was dry and not sore at all. I found them quite economical too as the pack lasted me nearly a week. In short, I would recommend the ID Classic Pants for moderate incontinence for people with an active lifestyle. I will definitely use them again. I'd like them in different colours though!

Cathryn (Jan 21) 5.0/5

Like them, easy to wear and comfortable. I would recommend them to friends.

Margaret (Jan 21) 4.0/5

When I first opened the package of iD Classic Pants Plus, I took one out and noticed how lightweight it was, and soft. The elastic seemed gentle yet stretchy. I was happy to wear them. Having tried one or two other similar incontinence products I was interested to give these iD Classic pants a try. After having a hysterectomy at the age of 34 (I’m now 60) I was left with problems of 'leaking' - at first when I laughed or coughed, but more so lately when I begin to move around after sitting for some time and in bed, at night. I have done everything instructed by my GP/nurses to try to alleviate this problem, but nothing has helped so now I just 'live with it'. I first used this product at night, I take medication and sleep heavily so I don't always wake up when I need to go to the toilet. Although it’s not easy to admit, I did leak some urine whilst in bed but these pants were great, no leakage, they didn't get heavy and "bag" at the crotch and they were very comfortable - I’m rather a 'big girl' and these large-sized pants were quite snug, which is perfect for me. They didn't rustle when I turned over and the elastic around the leg was fine, it left no mark as some do. I wore them again the next day - I was going out to the doctor's and the shop and again, I leaked urine a little, but it didn’t show through my trousers - hurrah! When I took them off, I noticed that I felt 'dry', with other products my crotch has felt uncomfortable, damp and a little sore. Not with classic pants, I would be happy to purchase these classic pants, in all honesty, they suited me, my lifestyle and were soft, discreet, and comfy - what more does one need? Thank you for allowing me to be part of this campaign; I am grateful.

Alyson (Jan 21) 5.0/5

The pants were a good fit and surprisingly comfortable. I liked the feel of the pants, they were not itchy or made my skin feel scratchy. The pants felt and were very safe on and kept me nice and dry the whole time. After a while, I forgot I was wearing a paper or disposable pant. They didn't irritate or chafe at all. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has bladder problems/weakness.

Sandra (Jan 21) 4.0/5

I found this product, comfortable to wear, next to my skin, didn't rub, they had great adsorption, and kept me nice and dry. The only bad point was, they are a little thicker than my usual pants. But a great product.

Carol (Jan 21) 4.0/5

I have just trialled these pants for the last few days and I can only say that I was very impressed. I have not used this type of product before only ever using pads and my own underwear but these pull up pads/pants were great to use. They are soft and gentle on the skin, easy to put on and I had no worries about leakage. They fit snug around the leg and waist. The waist is elasticated so there is plenty of stretch, especially if weight fluctuates up and down. The elastic around the leg gripped well and did not cause chafing or tight marks, again a fitted feel but not too tight. The size of the product is exactly as stated on the packet and did not feel big and bulky when wearing. I found that the pants part next to the skin comfortable, not too hot so do not sweat and they have a soft feel like real pants. They were very good at hiding urine odour and absorbed as well as many pads I have tried, even better than some pads. There is no fear of pad slippage or leakage when moving like there is with separate pads and pants and these are not visible to others when wearing. I found that I did not have to change them too often, but do like to feel fresh when having wet pad but this was absorbed into the pad and did not leave me feeling wet and sticky. They did not tear or let my fingers poke through when pulling up and down, they seem to have strength but without the stiffness that these products can sometimes have. They are bulkier to dispose of than pads but I personally use small bin bags and these seemed to work for me, discrete in hiding in a large handbag until able to find a bin if none provided. I mainly wore mine when out walking where I knew there would be no toilets for a few hours, especially with the current situation where not feeling comfortable using public toilets at the moment. All in all, a good product, size generous, fit and feel soft and comfortable, absorbs well leaving no odours. Would recommend to others.

Marion (Jan 21) 5.0/5

l was surprised that these pants were very wearable with jeans previously thinking that they were only suitable for dresses/skirts. l can confirm that they can hold a full bladder as this was one of the tests l did. l would suggest that it would be nice to have the sticker with the size on saying front as l wondered if there was a front or back. These pants were also very comfortable to wear.

Tania (Jan 21) 5.0/5

I was sent a pack of ID Classic Pants Super to test wear as like many men of my age I have an enlarged prostate gland. When passing water it is stop-start, stop-start and never being certain it is finished. I sometimes experience a sense of urgency to pass water and toilet facilities are not available resulting in accidents. From the moment I started wearing the pants, I felt secure. They fitted me perfectly and were comfortable to wear and were soft on my skin. On the occasions when I experienced a moderate passing of water it was instantly absorbed and I felt dry. And as a final comment they were nice and warm to wear in this cold weather but being fully breathable I guess they would be cool in warmer weather. I recommend these pants without hesitation.

Norman (Jan 21) 5.0/5

Sizing medium, I'm 31 waist, 38 hips. Felt slightly baggy between the legs/at the crutch. Grading: super functionality: very good, very absorbent, no odour. Liked the high waist but quite bulky at the front. Surprisingly invisible at the back. Felt soft and comfortable to wear.

Josie (Jan 21) 4.0/5

I used the pants straight away and found them to be very comfortable and amazingly absorbent. I was really surprised at how good they were. The cotton-like feel makes these feel much more like normal underwear and a bit of luxury. No one knew I was wearing them and I felt safe and clean all day in them. Great product, would definitely recommend. Thank you for letting me try these, I'm pleased I did.

Sharon (Dec 20) 5.0/5

After wearing the pants for three days, I must say that they are very efficient at holding liquid, and don`t feel wet in use. At first, I thought they looked very bulky, but in wear do not show under close-fitting clothes. The material is quite soft and I did not feel any irritation on my skin, as other similar type pants can often cause. I think wearing them gives me a great deal more confidence.

Barbara (Dec 20) 5.0/5

These pants were easy to wear and comfortable if slightly on the large side for me but due to the ruching on the sides stayed in place and did not move around. My skin felt comfortable and not wet or clammy and they stayed in place. The pants were quite comfortable and could be worn for fairly long periods of time without difficulty. There were no real problems with them and I could not see any future difficulties and I was glad to be able to try then out.

Jane (Dec 20) 4.0/5

I am over the moon that I have finally found a product that does what it says. I've tried so many products since I have had a problem with my bladder and must admit these iD classic pants have been amazing. On opening the packet I thought they looked a bit bulky. Quite surprised how soft the material is so no chafing. Elasticated where needed to stay in place securely. Now the biggest test is trying them when out and on the move. Really comfortable....and yes they are very absorbent and I did feel fresh despite having had the worrying accident.... and still no chafing amazing I can't find a fault with iD classic pants. I will definitely purchase them knowing they do what it says on the packet. Tried so many other products, but their claims haven't always met with my needs. iD Classic Pants are amazing...they don't chafe, the main worry. I had was how my skin would react, but the softness was really good and then having the confidence to try the next step, the absorbency was also a worry but with the cold weather starting, unfortunately, I knew this would be the ultimate test. they say. I felt dry and hoped there be no odour trapped as well. Tried wearing as long Lockdown was difficult as I would have preferred to have tried them in an outside journey. Because of this, I did use them maybe longer than l would have but this helped to go to the next proof of no odour. Such a relief. Ladies and Gents, please try them for yourselves, you will be really amazed at how they can change your life and give you freedom and confidence to get on with your lives.

June (Dec 20) 4.0/5

The pants were made from a soft feel paper-like material, with rows of stitched elastic around the body of the pants, and around the legs. The pants felt pleasant on the skin, however, the fit was not good - rather large around the legs. I don't believe I had the wrong size as some of the elastic stitching around the hips came out of the sewn seams towards the end of the day. I also found the pad area to be bulky and uncomfortable. However, the bulkiness became less of a nuisance the longer I wore the pants. The absorption of urine was good, and I did not experience any leakages. I also did not notice any odour whilst wearing the pants. Would have liked the 'L' sticker on the pants to be used as a tape for rolling up the used pants.

Linda (Dec 20) 3.0/5

I was asked to test the iD Classic Super Pants. Firstly I noticed straightaway from the feel of them that the pants were extremely soft and therefore very wearable. Very easy to put them on and adjust to a comfy fit. Once I was wearing them I did not even feel I was wearing an incontinence pair of pants just felt like I was wearing a pair of cotton underpants and I did notice that they are latex-free so ideal for people who are allergic to latex. The shape worked well with my shape and the elasticated areas are exceptionally soft and do not irritate my skin as some other products do. During the day, I was gladly surprised that I felt dry the whole time with no odour and certainly no leaks making me feel in control and confident that no one knew I was wearing them. Once removed with a very easy action, they are very easy to dispose of. I would highly recommend this incontinence product.

Rachel (Dec 20) 5.0/5