iD Intime Pants for Women

iD Intime pants are a slim fitting, discreet pant to help women effectively manage the symptoms of urinary incontinence. With dry-wear technology that absorbs at least 8 times its own weight and advanced odour control, Intime delivers 10 hours of freshness and prevents, blocks and masks all unwanted odours.

iD intime feels like one integrated product, rather than the waist band and pad stuck together. The seamless fit with cotton-like fabric gives the feeling of regular underwear for comfort and femininity and a low waist has been designed with discretion in mind. The pant fits securely to the body to provide maximum protection against leakage.

Kind to the skin thanks to its breathable and cotton-like materials, iD Intime is dermatologically tested and latex-free for maximum comfort. Medium and large sizes are available, with absorbency of normal, super and plus available.

iD offers a complete range of absorbent products for incontinence and are available to buy from, Asda Pharmacies and through online and independent retailers nationwide.

Overall Rating


I was pleasantly surprised by the iD Intime pants as to how comfortable and soft they felt. They fitted really well and provided me with a good level of dryness during the night. They also kept me odour free. I would recommend to anyone who has leakage problems.

Marilyn (Aug 19) 5.0/5

These pads have been a life saver, I have been using them for 5 days and have no complaints. They are excellent for absorbing any amount of leakage. I do some running and they worked a treat. I also had an accident while out shopping and I was amazed at how they worked, I was dry and only had to change my pants. I would usually have to change my whole bottom half and carry a bag with a change of clothes. They didn't feel bulky or uncomfortable, I will be buying them in future as it has helped with my confidence hugely. I am having a road trip soon and will definitely be packing my iD.

Carol (Aug 19) 5.0/5

These are the best pads that I have every used. I can be assured that I will be able to do my every day tasks knowing that I will not leak and have any embarrasing moments. These are very comfatable to wear and would simply recommend them to anybody who have leakage problems. A product worth buying. Thank you.

Patricia (Aug 19) 5.0/5

Loved these products. Found them very absorbent and comfortable to wear. They fit perfectly and I had no leaks or odour from them. Very discreet under clothing and feminine to wear. I will be purchasing these products in future and would highly recommend.

Andrea (Aug 19) 5.0/5

They are very effective and actually feel comfortable. Appearance could be better but that's something that could easily be changed. They work very well and provide great protection and comfort. Wear with confidence.

Gina (Aug 19) 4.0/5

Super comfy, super soft, super absorption. Very impressed as they work extremely well and give confidence. A good fit under clothes, discreet, and no rustling! Highly recommended.

Sara (Aug 19) 5.0/5

I trialled these pants and began by being quite sceptical as to whether they would be as good as the products I regularly use. However I have been very pleasantly surprised that they are easily on an equal footing with my regular products and fit as well, are just as comfortable and user friendly as my other brands. I have worn them both all day and all night and have felt confident as I have had no leakage, they fit well and do not become misshapen through wearing or overnight and I would happily recommend them to others looking for pants to wear for regular day or night leakage. I would be prepared to change my previous product to these depending on their price point, as I could not justify spending any more than I already do, but I would be ecstatic if they were  cheaper in price.

Kirsty (Aug 19) 5.0/5

At first when they arrived my thoughts were 'oh dear they are large and bulky'. However when I tried a pair on they were a perfect fit and comfortable. I have worn them under my trousers and shorts with confidence and no issue of visible lines. I have worn them on long car journeys finding them comfortable and absorbant with no issues of odours if I did have a little accident.  I have worn them at work the only issue was by late afternoon they tended to be lose and saggy which is not what you need while at work. If I were sat mainly at my desk they would remain in place. I found the problem.was when I did quite a lot of walking around. I would recommend the ID for most activities but not if you intend to do lots of walking around.  I am unable to make any comments on if you were to wear them at the gym or any sports activities.  Otherwise I would highly recommend to friends and family.

Kath (Aug 19) 4.0/5

These pants arrived and at first I thought 'oh they don't look comfortable' but when I put them on they were. Felt like normal knickers but was aware that I was wearing them for the first couple of days. Soon after was like I had been wearing them like normal knickers.

Lisa (Aug 19) 5.0/5

Trailed this item for 14 days and was delighted with them. Firstly was the fit which was great as they did not feel or look bulky . Secondly the absorption in pants was just about right, it did not make me feel uncomfortable and with no odour, which gives me full confidence to go on long journeys and forfill my daily jobs and tasks. Overall this product gave me full peace of mind to have a normal routine without worry. 

Maureen (Aug 19) 5.0/5

The ID pants are well made plenty of stretch in them for movement. I was completely comfortable wearing them from the point of view of no leakage. Odour control was 100% in my opinion. I was a little hot wearing pants but they were comfortable.  I will give them a try when cooler weather.  I would also like to try the pads . Overall a good product.

Michelle (Aug 19) 4.0/5

I trialled the iD Normal pants in M fitting.  It is supposed to be low waisted but they were high on me.  They fitted like boys shorts but with a high waist.  I found them a bit restrictive around the thighs and had thought of cutting them higher up the leg for a better fit.  The crotch was also very deep and I could feel them riding up my back when I am walking.  Perhaps I had the wrong size and I would advise to get hold of samples to try various sizes before you buy the whole pack to ensure you buy the right size for correct comfort and fit.  I liked the subtle fresh smell and I did feel confident of no leakage when I used them.  

Sheila (Aug 19) 4.0/5

These pants were soft and comfortable and I felt happier in myself having the backup in case of little accidents whilst gardening or out socially. I would not wear them all the time or every day as my needs are not that bad at the moment and usually a liner will suffice at home. It is the feeling of security that is so important mentaly and physically.  

Jackie (Aug 19) 4.0/5

ID intime pants has improved my view of incontinence purpose pants. It is light and still absorving on those moments when you have your incidents. I've used it even to run and I felt the leaking but it did not make embarrassed of myself. Because I was dry and so were my clothes . 

Maria (Aug 19) 4.0/5

When I first tried these I was a bit wary of the feel of them but after a couple of days they felt like regular pants. They keep odour at bay very well giving you more confidence that the leaks go unoticed by other people. I would recommend them to anyone who has leaks and wants to carry on normal activities.

Ellen (Aug 19) 5.0/5