PharmaHemp CBD Isolate Drops in MCT Oil 10ml

Grown in Sub Alpine regions of Slovenia, pure and clean, chemical-free & high-quality, PharmaHemp Isolate CBD Drops in MCT oil are produced using organically grown hemp plants. With Less than 0.0% THC, they are available in MCT oil (3%-40% CBD) or Cherry, Lemon and Mint & Vanilla (3% -10% CBD).

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Grown in Sub Alpine regions of Slovenia, pure and clean, chemical-free & high-quality, PharmaHemp Isolate CBD Drops in MCT oil are produced using organically grown hemp plants. 

With Less than 0.0% THC, they are available in MCT oil (3%-40% CBD) or Cherry, Lemon and Mint & Vanilla (3% -10% CBD).

PharmaHemp - A Brand you can Trust.

A global CBD player, but with the passion of a small family business. PharmaHemp® is the pioneering force that was there when CBD had just the potential for greatness. With an entrepreneurial mindset, a family background in cosmetics and centuries-old local knowledge of growing industrial hemp, we have always been a step ahead, developing new ways of turning the spotlight on the benefits of CBD and incorporating it into a healthier everyday.

Pharmahemp™ is a trusted GMP-certified producer and supplier of superior cannabidiol (CBD). Full traceability is guaranteed by the QC assured by in-house analytical laboratory. Providing premium CBD products: Drops, Pastes & Balms.

Overall Rating


I received some premium CBD drops 1000mg, I picked the Amarena Cherry flavoured one. First of all it tasted amazing and being in MCT oil really helped as I have tried others from different brands that frankly tasted awful to the point of being unusable.  I started off with the recommended 3 drops daily and slowly increased it until I started to get some relief from my pain, I have Degenerative Disc  Disease so this product has been a life saver as without it I wouldn't be able to do half the stuff that I can do now I'm on this quality product.  I didn't experience any side effects which is always a bonus so I will continue using this now and to be honest I couldn't live without it.  Next time I think I'm going to have to try the other flavours as well .

My Rating is 5 out of 5. 

Ben (Jan 22) 5.0/5

I suffer from side effects from chemotherapy and immunotherapy and also ongoing cancer treatment. Pains in my arms and legs,hot flushes, fatigue etc. I followed the instructions on the CBD oil by increasing the dosage slowly after checking ok to use with other medication. The oil had a lovely gentle flavor so was easy to hold under my tongue as required. The main thing is it actually worked. Since using this I havent had to take any painkillers, my energy levels have increased and the flushes are less severe. I would highly recommend this product. The only down side is when I tried to purchase more, the only one I could afford was the out of date stock and I didnt because I was concerned about the effectiveness. Wish the price was lower as it really did improve my life

Jayne (Jan 22) 5.0/5

I was very pleased to be chosen to undertake this trial; I have been interested in CBD oil for a long time but simply didn’t know where to start!

I started the trial by taking the three drops daily (I started a little late due to being ill for over a month prior to the middle of October).  About a month after this I increased the dosage to four drops daily; I still take this dosage. 

Up until starting the trial I had been suffering quite badly from insomnia and I was amazed to find my sleep ‘returning’ after just over a week of taking the CBD oil.  My sleep has been excellent ever since and I no longer have trouble both getting to, and staying asleep, as I had done.  I cannot think of any reason for this other than the CBD oil. 

The trial period has also coincided with me ‘tapering off’ an antidepressant which I had been taking for almost 11 years.  The antidepressant was one which has a reputation of being difficult to stop in terms of withdrawal symptoms.  With the exception of a few ‘difficult’ days when I finally stopped taking the antidepressant completely I had virtually no withdrawal symptoms for the period which coincided with the CBD oil trial.  Again, I am crediting this (at the very least in part) to the CBD oil itself. 

Overall, I feel much calmer and resilient and I plan to continue taking the CBD oil beyond the trial in the future.  I have also recommended it to friends and family.  In short, I think it is an excellent product – pleasant, convenient to take and very good value for money (I am still on my first bottle). 

Thank you again for this opportunity and for being so generous with the amount of product supplied. 

Diane (Jan 22) 5.0/5

I was looking forward to trying this range of CBD oil as I’ve tried others but not for a few years. Firstly it had a great Cherry flavour, which was a surprise as previous ones were vile tasting and took a long time to get used to.

As for effects, its very difficult to judge, whether that’s because of how long I tested it for or the dosage? Initially I started on 3 drops and felt that there were no benefits to taking it. More recently I moved to 6-7 drops and although I didn’t feel any better, I certainly slept better than before. I’m going to continue taking it and possibly move to the maximum dose and see what affect that has.

I’m on quite a lot of pain medication and this may have affected its benefits on me at this time, but the lack of effect has not put me off continuing using it and experimenting at a higher dosage.

Mark (Dec 21) 3.0/5

I was a bit sceptical at first to try another cbd oil as ones i have tried before didnt work but after using for a while i noticed that i was a lot more relaxed and slept easier than normal..i have arthritis in both knees and waiting on a double knee replacement and pain killers arent very effective but when using the oil i noticed that i was handling the pair so much better,pain was still present but i think because i was calmer in general i found the pain easier to manage..I got the vanilla flavoured one and it tasted pleasant enough when used under the tongue but a couple of times it did hit back of my throat which wasnt pleasant but definitely a lot more palatable than previous oils I've used

Catherine (Dec 21) 4.0/5

When I first began using this product, I found it difficult to figure out whether I was feeling any benefit or not. However, as I continued to use the product, and increasing the dosage, I did find that the quality of my sleep significantly improved. I took the product before bed each night, and it really helped me to relax. I chose to have the unflavoured version of the product, the taste of which I found a little unpleasant, so I am definitely going to try one of the flavoured versions in the future. I am absolutely going to continue using this CBD Oil and have already recommended it to family and friends!

James (Dec 21) 5.0/5

I have taken 5 drops per day, everyday for nearly two months now. I have definitely noticed a reaction of it in my body and mind, although it is very subtle. I think it creates a placid feeling and relaxes you. I think if taken regularly for, not just two months, but for longer, say six months to a year it will have a remarkable effect on one’s wellbeing. I still have two of the three bottles you sent me remaining and I will be continuing taking 5 drops everyday and I am convinced it works. To describe it’s effect more I would say it decreases anxiety, tension and makes you be able to rest more.

Imran (Dec 21) 4.0/5

Did this improve my mind, body and spirit? Yes, I think so, on the whole.   I suffer back pain daily, and while this did not cure it, it made it more manageable.  The uncertainty of the pandemic lockdowns have made me quite anxious throughout the last year (I’m sure I’m not alone), but using this CBD oil has made a difference I wish I had discovered previously.  I slept better and felt more able to deal with day-to-day issues I previously would have balked at.  I was not keen on the oily texture briefly left over, but then it is oil so what should I expect. it’s not a deal breaker and I could seek other delivery method if it really bothered me.  The cherry flavour was quite pleasant, but I would suggest brushing teeth after not before as it does not mix with mint, and this helps with the aforementioned oil remnant.   I admit I did doubt that the effectiveness of CBD would live up to all the hype but being proved wrong is never a bad thing when it benefits one too. As a result, I will be reviewing my current medications with my clinician to see if the addition of this can be a reduction of that. I give this 5 out of 5, my expectations of the pain relief side are actually delivered.

Chris (Dec 21) 5.0/5

I was looking forward to trying out the PharmaHemp CBD oil drops as i had previously tried a different brand and didn't notice much change ,so my expectations were much higher for this premium brand.I started with 3 drops as directed diligently although i found measuring out the drops quite tricky ,so most days i had to use a mirror to make sure i didn't consume too many drops!So maybe a different graduated pipette would be useful.I opted for the lemon flavour which was subtle and tasted great.I initially used the drops to help alleviate an ongoing lower back pain and knee issue.After the first three weeks there wasn't much different in either so i upped the dose to 5 drops daily and this has seemed to help with the back pain somewhat but not so much with the knee pain.I will continue to take the drops as i have  gotten into the habit of taking the drops daily! 

Arin (Dec 21) 3.0/5

I already took MCT oil regularly and I tried CBD in the past but never together before. I got the unflavoured version and slowly increased the amount I took from 3 drops to 15 drops daily. I put it under my tongue and had to wait 15 sec. As it was unflavoured it didn't really taste anything just like oil which was probably because of the MCT oil. I love the fact it is vegan as I am vegan, I am just not 100% sure it is working for me. 
I have arthritis and usually I am in pain very often, but maybe since I have been using this product the pain is more bearable. I will know it for sure when I stop using the product for a while and if my pain will get worse then. If it happens then I might buy this product in the future.

Vanda (Dec 21) 4.0/5

I have been taking these CBD drops for two months now, starting with a small dose and titrating up to 0.70 ml per day. I have tried CBD before once or twice, and found it to taste vile – whereas this one tastes great. I chose the cherry flavour, and found it a very pleasant taste, and the dropper works well. Unfortunately, I have not really noticed any benefits to taking it, apart from occasionally sleeping a little better than usual, although I can’t tell whether that’s due to the CBD or not. My main issues are anxiety and pain, and I have not found this CBD to help with those at all. It could just be that it doesn’t happen to work for me, and I do know other people who find CBD very beneficial. So if CBD tends to work for you, I would recommend trying this one as it tastes so good!

Vicki (Dec 21) 3.0/5

On first trying the cbd oil I took the recommended dose under my tongue as instructed. My first initial thoughts was the taste and could taste the cherry flavour I had chosen which wasn't unpleasant but also had and underlying taste of oil. It got to the back of my throat on one occasion as I hadn't kept it under my tongue long enough and it made me cough. I would liken the taste to using a vaping e-cig. I have noticed I am not getting as anxious as before using this and seem a lot calmer in situations which would generally raise my anxiety levels. I did accidently take a whole dropper full not realising I had filled it up but apart from the intense taste, I didn't experience any unwanted side effects. I will continue use them as I feel they help with my anxiety,that's a good thing.

Dawn (Dec 21) 5.0/5

Before I was accepted for the trial my one worry was it would be extremely oily it's definitely not that (even after holding under my tongue), I didn't realise it's oil all you get is the taste, the cherry taste is spot on maybe because that is one of my favourite flavours. The taste is fantastic. It's extremely easy to use the dropper once you get inside the bottle, the number of drops suggested as a start point is very good, enabling the user to use as many drops as they feel necessary building it up slowly if required. Now onto week 8, the CBD oil has a sort of calming effect it's like warm sunshine washing down from the top to the bottom. I truly feel it is blocking my pain receptors sending a mellow soothing feeling through them without the drowsiness of regular drugs which has to be a real plus. Some days the pain I have has been excruciating, the fact that this drug has no drowsy side-effects for me is the best thing, to be able to fully do things with complete focus. The box design is very smart the gold on Black is very good although I do feel that the flavour should be bigger and the MG in each bottle should be more more prevalent on the front of the box. I'm a little perplexed as to why this oil, intented for those in pain, and also, I feel very much aimed at people who have arithmetic joints, it's contained in a child proof, press down and twist bottle. I'm hoping there is an alternative to this.

Karen (Dec 21) 4.0/5

I have used CBD drops for a number of years and I never really noticed any difference in my sleep or mood. I have been using Isolate CBD Drops in MCT oil for over two months now and I must say I have noticed positive changes. I started with 3 drops under the tongue before I went to bed, when I increased to 5/7 drops daily depending on my need, I noticed I was gradually sleeping better. I was less “wired but tired” and the quality of my sleep improved. Suggested improvements are not with the product itself but with packaging. The font size is tiny, also sometimes I did not remember to shake well. Maybe “shake well” could be on printed on the lid. Overall an excellent product.

Andrea (Dec 21) 4.0/5

I took the CBD oil daily for 3 months. The flavour was better than other brands I've tried, however there were no noticeable effects in terms of reducing stress/anxiety or any other health benefits. I don't currently have any health issues, mentally or physically, so this could be a reason that I didn't notice any impact.

Tom (Jun 21) 3.0/5