Phlo Digital Pharmacy

Are you on repeat medications and making regular trips to the pharmacy? If so, imagine if...

  • You could avoid your multiple trips to pick up prescriptions
  • You found a pharmacy that directly liaises with your GP so that you don’t have to
  • You could get your prescriptions delivered to your doorstep or workplace at your convenience…

Introducing Phlo; the online pharmacy that is here to make your life easier, save time and help to ease the common frustrations of a traditional pharmacy.

Through their App, you can order your NHS and private prescriptions, track them in real-time, and have them delivered to your door, at your convenience - in 4 hours or less!

You can also speak to their friendly pharmacy and patient care team whenever you need to via phone, email or live-chat.


Overall Rating


I use the Phlo Digital Pharmacy postal service.  I registered via the NHS App and found the registration process very quick, easy and my account was verified the same day to allow me to switch pharmacy and order a repeat prescription.  The two free next day deliveries were a great offer and showed how quick the delivery service could be.  Ordering was simple and order updates are timely and useful.  The option to schedule delivery is a handy feature and reduces the risk of missed deliveries.  So far, using Phlo Digital Pharmacy has been hassle free, no issues with deliveries and getting medications on time has been a far better experience with Phlo. Based on my own experience I have changed my family’s nominated pharmacy to Phlo and registering my children was also a quick and simple.

Maria (Sep 22) 5.0/5

The process of joining Phlo Digital pharmacy was so easy and as I was using a different company to deliver my medication before this I was a little apprehensive as to how to do this. However it was all done so quickly and gave you the option to sign in with your NHS number. This allowed you to connect with your details so much quicker than adding Dr's addresses etc. Within seconds I was looking at my medication.

When I came to order it was a case of just clicking the medication I needed. I received a welcome email, followed by an email saying there was new additions to my medication, so this was very quick and thorough. 

After ordering I got an email to say my order was excepted by the Dr and to arrange a delivery date,this was not an option with the company I used prior. I also got an email to say one of medications wasn't in stock and they gave me a date as to when it would be back in and be able to set a delivery date, this again was not an option with my previous company I used to the point they held my order without telling me until I received my medication too late and going without my medication for 3 days. This said they got the medicine in before the date stated and I arranged a date for it to be delivered. 

I also like the fact you can choose a fast delivery if you need your medication as quick as possible, you have 2 free passes for this. You also have the benefit of being able to talk to a pharmacist directly if you have any questions or issues .

All in all, although I haven't been with this company very long I think its very professional, personal and an easy access way to get your medication delivered to your door when you need it.

Karen (Aug 22) 5.0/5

I downloaded the App quickly and easily and received a number of helpful emails keeping me up to date about the progress of my application. I requested a number of prescriptions which came promptly and i was kept informed on the delivery date and time.

The process is advertised as  “seamless” and i fully agree that it was a simple, quick and easy process from start to finish.  A few days later Phlo even sent me a reminder about a prescription I hadn’t ordered but which was due and so I was able to order that too.

Compared to the process i have used in the past of applying for prescriptions online from my GP surgery the Phlo prescription service is so much better, completed from start to finish is just a couple of days instead of a week or more with the GP.

I have already recommended it to my husband who has set up an account with Phlo and is awaiting his first Delivery.  Also my daughter and her husband who work long hours and struggle to order and pick up prescriptions.  For them it would be an ideal service.   I shall also recommend to my elderly mother , a doorstep delivery would be ideal for her. 

I feel happy to continue to use the service from now on, safe in the knowledge that my prescriptions are in the hands of an efficient time saving service taking away the worry I seem to have had for some time with the old GP system.

Jenny (Aug 22) 5.0/5

I found the service to be efficient, effective and easy to use. the process of signing up was simple and quick and was able to use the service within a day. ordering medication was quick and easy and liked the use of delivery being free. the staff at Phlo have been very friendly and hospitable making me feel welcome and at ease. it is definitely a place i can say that is trustworthy and going forward i will i continue to use their services. one thing i would say is delivery could be quicker as my usual pharmacy get my medicine to me quicker as they use a driver from their company who delivers many rounds every day within the area i live in.

Forida (Aug 22) 4.0/5

Excellent service for medicine and a very quick service and the delivery of the items are top quality and would recommend to others to try. It does not take long to set up on the website can you can order repeat medicine online with phlo. Excellent service and environment friendly packaging.

Claire (Aug 22) 5.0/5

When I signed up to the service, I expected an impersonal automated experience. The contrary was true. I found it easy to order the items I needed and one of them was not readily available. This is when I was surprised to receive a call from a real person (polite and friendly) asking me what I wanted to do. I gave them my instructions and they followed it correctly. I have no complaints about the effectiveness and accuracy of the service. It was speedy and efficient. My one problem is, when I signed up, I was informed that I lived outside an area covered by their speedy 24-hour service. That was the only drawback, if you don’t live in a metropolitan area covered by them, you have a slightly slower service. For me, it was no quicker than my local free delivery. On the whole, I would recommend the service. I give Phlo digital pharmacy a rating of 5 stars out of a possible 5.

Lorna (Jun 22) 5.0/5

Great service very efficient recieved my medication on time and could choose how I wanted it to be delivered.

Danielle (Jun 22) 5.0/5

Absolutely wonderful that I joined. I would have run out of medications if I did not register. Having your medicines delivered is wonderful. No line, no contagious individuals sneezing on you. Simply quick and simple. Additionally, the Phlo staff is supportive, and compassionate if you have an issue. I was kept informed every step of the way. It's so simple to use that I can go online and order my prescription with the simple push of a few buttons. They then send me a message letting me know when my prescription will be delivered, and it always arrives as scheduled. I would strongly suggest this business to everyone because of the speedy and friendly customer care. I won't be traveling elsewhere. Thank you Phlo for the excellent service and quick delivery. Five star rating

Francesca (Jun 22) 5.0/5

I found the Phlo Digital Pharmacy very easy to use. Few clicks away and within the week I had my prescription delivered to home. Parcel was neatly packed and delivered though the letter box. No need to be in to confirm /sign for it. It will definetly made my life a lot easier. One thing which is a pity, I can't get my sons prescription too under one account. Overall, happy customer and will use them again. It pays off to be a customer at Phlo Pharmacy

Kamila (Jun 22) 5.0/5