Sylk Intimate Lubricant

Sylk Intimate Lubricant is highly effective at relieving vaginal dryness, soreness & itching. Made with natural, plant-based ingredients, Sylks' unique female-friendly formula is free from harsh chemicals, parabens and hormones.

Natural, water-based Sylk is pH friendly so as well as moisturising and hydrating, it helps keep nasty bacteria at bay.  NHS approved, Sylk is available with or without prescription and recommended by health professionals world-wide.   The silky, smooth gel comes in a discreet, 40g bottle that is easy to use.

Vaginal dryness is a common condition that will affect many women at some point in their lives. Many women experience vaginal dryness during the menopause. However, women may also suffer from the condition when starting a hormone based contraception, using tampons for the first time, and during pregnancy and breast feeding due to reduced oestrogen levels. Additionally, health conditions such as diabetes, bladder and incontinence problems or reactions to drug therapies like Tamoxifen and Anastrozole used in cancer treatment can contribute to vaginal dryness. 

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Overall Rating



Natural and effective

This product feels very natural and did not irritate my skin in any way. I love that it is totally plant based. At first it seemed quite thin compared to some other products, so I thought you would have to use quite a lot, and I was sceptical of how well it would work. However, I found that a little goes a long way and it was surprisingly lost lasting. I found that it relieved any dryness but, whereas with other products I have used I was acutely aware that I had applied them, this one felt so natural I forgot I was using anything at all. I also like the packaging as I find it discreet and it fits in well with my other eco-friendly beauty and toiletry products on the shelf. 

Fiona (Feb '21) 5.0/5

I have used the Sylk Intimate Lubricant sample for the relief of the external discomfort caused by vaginal dryness due to the menopause. I applied a few drops few to my fingers and spread across my intimate area, starting twice a day and increasing up to 5 times daily. I found the product gave me instant relief from itching caused by dryness, however I hoped the relief would last a bit longer than a few hours (however having never used this, or any other product of this type before, maybe I was expecting too much).

Michelle (Feb '21) 4.0/5

This lubricant comes in a small, discrete plastic bottle with a flip lid that opens and allows a small amount of lubricant to come out by squeezing to avoid wastage.  It is a clear, odourless liquid that is water based.  I found that I only needed a small amount as a little goes along way, which is surprising as it is water based, I was expecting it to dry out upon application and to have to keep reapplying, but no, it does not.  It is not sticky either.  It glides onto the skin and is easy to spread.  Feels silky to the touch.  I did not experience any burning or any reaction to this lubricant in my intimate areas.  I would say that whilst I do not have sensitive skin, I have experienced some burning with other lubricants, but no so with this one.  It was fine to use externally and internally with no unwanted side effects such as thrush.  The lubricant texture is very in keeping with normal bodily secretions in this area.  I did not experience any pain internally whilst having intercourse using this lubricant. I believe it is plant based and suitable for vegans.  It does not contain silicone either.  I would rate this 5 out of 5 as it is the best lubricant I have used.

Shelly (Feb '21) 5.0/5

First impression was ... oh said sylk on the package I received through the post (think it was the return address)...I hoped the postman I regularly chat to is not aware of what your company is...

Second impression...probably surprised it was as small as it regular lubricant is larger in size and I would imagine cheaper too... though I liked the packaging.

Thirdly on first fine...comparable to my usual lubricant though I feel a lot more of this was used than normal...However after a few uses I developed an irritation in that area which caused me problems for around a week (swelling, itching, redness and general unpleasant discomfort more externally than under control). Now I can say this may obviously be coincidental and it was going to happen anyway but at the moment it is enough to put me off continuing to use it at the moment and I will revert back to mine.

For this reason (I am really sorry) but I will have to give it a 1 star. 

Rachel (Feb '21) 1.0/5

The Sylk was easy to apply, needing just a few drops to support menopausal vaginal dryness. I continued to use this daily to hydrate and nourish the vaginal skin. 

I use a daily Qufora Bowel irrigation system. The Sylk gel was also an ideal lubricant for this daily use.  

It is very reassuring that it is plant based with no chemical irritants to soft and internal tissues. I am especially aware that some products have a petroleum base.  I found Sylk to be an effective lubricant, but not greasy.  I was not aware of added perfumes. 

So after using for three or four weeks, I would certainly purchase a replacement. 

Pammythinks (Feb '21) 5.0/5

I suffer from vaginal dryness since I had my menopause. This has affected my sexual life. I have used over the counter lubricants but on application they feel very cold and there is need to apply them more than once.

I've tried Sylk and it has been a different experience. Sylk doesn't feel as cold as other products and with one application is enough. Penetration feels smooth and sex is enjoyable again. 

It's texture is not runny or sticky upon application.

I highly recommend Sylk to those women that for any reason suffers from vaginal dryness, Sylk makes a great difference. 

Guadalupe (Feb '21) 5.0/5

Probably going through the premenstrual stage and the last 10 years or so I have noticed more soreness and irritation as the years have gone by. Having tried Sylk the last 2 weeks, there’s definitely been a significant change. No stress over itchiness or soreness so glad to have been given the chance to try this product. Not sexually active at the moment but I’m sure it will help with the dryness too.

Corey (Jul 20) 5.0/5

Sylk Intimate is great for post-menopausal dryness. Also, I am quite active - cycle a lot and I have found that it soothes labial friction from the bike saddle! But what I especially like is that if I use more of it on a thinning episiotomy scar - which can get sore, tear and bleed easily - it helps tremendously with this, and keeps the skin hydrated for quite a long time too. I love that its 100% natural, free from hormones and parabens, is plant-based and PH friendly, and has a pleasant smell. I would not be using anything chemical, and this only has good ingredients in it.  So in short, I have found this product to be very effective in soothing and hydrating dry skin in and around the vaginal area. Heartily recommend. 

Natalie (Jul 20) 5.0/5

This product was just what I needed to help as I have been getting so dry when it comes to getting intimate. Also, this helped really well and was easy to use and made me feel refreshed and like a woman again, I am in my 40s and confidence isn't so great in how I look and feel especially over the body. I liked how handy it was and is an ideal sized bottle. This product is perfect for any lady to have and I didn't feel embarrassed using it at all. I would highly recommend others to try and don't feel shy about using it. I shall be purchasing this in the future.

Trudy (Jul 20) 5.0/5

Using Sylk has changed my life. This product comes in a nice small and what I would class as a discreet bottle, which only has ‘intimate’ in small writing, if it fell out of my bag, I wouldn’t be embarrassed. 

This has solved my dryness and I found that I do not have to use it every day, which is a bonus.  Sylk is water and plant-based ingredient and has not affected any form of intimacy, as this product seems to blend in so naturally, it becomes part of you; (great if you don’t want your partner to know).  This is also safe to use with a condom too, without any worries. 40g goes a very long way, I first used 2 drops and could feel the difference quickly.  

I would strongly recommend this product.  Other products I’ve tried, have not worked as good as this product.  I will stick to Sylk from now on.

Yvonne (Jul 20) 5.0/5

Sylk is a great product which isn't sticky and doesn't stain bedding. It's very good to use while using tampons, or for other personal things. I have used other products before and they feel very slippery and Sylk doesn’t, it feels completely natural and comfortable.

I would recommend seeing if it could be used also in healthcare for inserting nasogastric tubes, NPA and tracheotomy. I am a nurse and that’s why I think it could be used for other things.

Kamila (Jul 20) 5.0/5

This is a pleasant natural feeling liquid that doesn’t have a strong scent. It felt as though it mimicked the normal lubrication of the vagina when applied sufficiently. On the bottle, it says to use 1-2 drops however I initially tried this during sexual intercourse and quickly got dry. I found subsequently, that one full pump (maybe 4/5 drops worth was effective). I also tried it towards the end of my period when I was experiencing dryness and it immediately stopped any sense of irritation. It was also beneficial in reducing the itchiness caused by thrush. A small bottle (40g) should last a while. I would definitely use this product again.

Clare (Jul 20) 5.0/5

As a single woman aged 45 I have found myself to be suffering from some vaginal dryness for the past couple of years. I am in peri-menopause and am not sexually active, so these two things have contributed to the problem as well as hormonal changes due to my age.

I tried Sylk recently, using it daily for two weeks to see if it could help. I'm pleased to say it has helped a lot. Sylk does not contain any chemical ingredients, it is completely natural, which appealed to me as I didn't really want to use artificial products in such an intimate area. It is instantly soothing, non-greasy, easy to use and doesn't stain. It actually increases natural lubrication so only a small amount is needed to feel more comfortable and eliminate dryness.

I am really impressed with this product and really did feel the benefit of using it. In fact, I have asked my GP if I can have it on prescription as I have found it so beneficial. 

Alyson (Jul 20) 5.0/5

I found the Sylk product to be a high quality product that was very easy to use. It was a product that was as close to natural lubrication as I have used; far better than other lubricants as it wasn't thick and sticky and didn't feel very cold like other products.

It was easy to dispense and the bottle is a very handy, discreet which makes it easy to store in a handbag or bedside drawer.

The product felt ok on the fingertips and was easy to use. A little went a long way. Lubrication was increased and enhanced in a very natural way that ensured sex was as comfortable and enjoyable as if it had been with natural lubrication.

The scent of the product was pleasant and unobtrusive so that it enhanced the naturalness of the experience. The fact that the product is made from natural ingredients gives confidence that the body isn't being exposed to harsh chemicals.

I would definitely recommend this product as the best intimate lubricant I have ever used.

Vanessa (Nov 19) 5.0/5

I have suffered from vaginal dryness and discomfort since going through the menopause at the age of 38. I have used various products over the years but haven't found "the one".

Sylk is amazing! The texture is so lightweight, it practically turns into water when it touches skin. You would think that it wouldn't work well, but that certainly isn't the case.

At first I thought the bottle was small and wondered about value for money but Sylk is extremely soothing and long lasting. You only need to use a little bit as it goes a long way. Finally I have found a product that is soothing without being sticky. It doesn't have a smell so you really dont know you're using it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others.

Deborah (Nov 19) 5.0/5