Vivactive Lady Maxi Night

Vivactive Lady Maxi Night has been designed to offer protection against unwanted leaks.

They contain a highly absorbent core that rapidly absorbs, distributes and locks away liquid, allowing you to stay dry throughout the night. 

Vivactive Lady Maxi Night features odour control technology and water repellent sides for additional security against leaks and odours.

Overall Rating



I liked the width and made me feel so comfy

Zena (Apr '21) 5.0/5

The size and absorbency, everything, great product.

Virgina (Apr '21) 5.0/5

I liked how long these were as I am a very restless sleeper to put it mildly and it is not unusual for me to wake up and find the pad has either moved to the front or the back and I am not protected and leaks have occured.  Because these are longer the pad went under my bottom and was flat underneath me.  I felt this helped keep these in place.  I also felt extra width helped as again, I move around so much in the night and the coverage I get in my usual pads isn't as good as these.  

Shelly (Apr '21) 5.0/5

It’s super absorbant and soft but feels a bit bulky.

Lisa (Apr '21) 4.0/5

Being petite I found the length and width too big for me, it didn't feel as comfortable, it was bulky and not as discreet as other brands.      

V (Apr '21) 3.0/5

I love the absorption no more worrying when I cough. I feel more secure and confident with this size pad. I didn't know I needed these untl I tried them as I was happy enough with what I was using..until I tried these bad boys no more worrying about leaks and odours - I would swap tomorrow 

Loretta (Apr '21) 5.0/5

I liked the fact you knew that it wasn't going to leak if you had a accident and felt confident in wearing it.

Karen (Apr '21) 5.0/5

It was very soft and flexible and fitted well with no chafing experienced

Jane (Apr '21) 5.0/5

I like the fact that it is bigger and is better for night time use and sometimes during day when cannot control my flow. But unfortunately I did not find it any more absorbent than my current brand of pad, I found that it tended to ruckle up in centre part when wet which seemed to make it less absorbent.

Gillian (Apr '21) 3.0/5

It is a good fit and gives better coverage especially at night.

Elaine (Apr '21) 4.5/5

I found the pads to be the right shape which gave me confidence. I found the length a little to long but I found them a better fit than my current brand of pad.

Emma (Apr '21) 4.5/5

They absorb really well but they are too big and bulky for me.

Esme (Apr '21) 3.0/5

I liked how it did not leak during the day. It was very comfortable to wear. The pad felt a bit bulky. But the pads were good at stopping leaks.

Debra (Apr '21) 4.0/5

I liked that it was comfortable to wear and prevented leaks.

Debbie (Apr '21) 5.0/5

Good absorbency, excellent at fulfilling its purpose. I like the width, the shape and the absorbency. But I found the join bands between each padded area somewhat uncomfortable but this may because of my poor mobility.

Marilyn (Apr '21) 4.0/5