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3 x ENabled Warrior Symptom Tracker Book

Offer ends: 1 December 2020

We have 3 x copies of ENabled Warrior Symptom Tracker Book to giveaway.

TRACK AND MANAGE YOUR CHRONIC ILLNESS in less than 5 minutes per day!

The ENabled Warrior Symptom Tracker, designed alongside doctors and people with chronic illnesses helps track and manage your chronic illness, spot symptom patterns, and helps you keep track of your mental health. 

Take back control of chronic illness, start keeping accurate symptom records in less than five minutes per day.

Designed by Jessie Ace, diagnosed aged 22 with MS after she was told to ‘go home and google it’ sending her on a very long ride of trial and error. 

“Really helpful for people with chronic illnesses and their doctors to help get them the best treatment”, Dr. Jonathan White, OMS medical advisor. 

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