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talkhealth meets... Instagram Live

Offer ends: 11 August 2020

If you or someone you care for lives with eczema, don’t miss our Instagram Live with patient eczema and allergy expert and author Ruth Holroyd. 

We’re going to be exploring the impact that eczema and topical steroid withdrawal can have on mental health. Whether it’s having to deal with other people’s thoughtless comments, changing body image or the reality of being in chronic pain, skin conditions can take a real toll on us emotionally. 

Hear how Ruth has learnt to manage her own mental health during the course of her eczema and TSW journey and put your questions to her.

If you’d like to submit your questions ahead of time, please email us at or simply have them ready on the day to submit during the course of the Instagram Live. 

Check out the interview we did with Ruth last month. We talked about her allergies, anaphylactic reactions and coronavirus. You can find her blogging at What Allergy and on Instagram


When? Tuesday 11 August 2020
Time? 7.30pm
How do I join? Simply follow @talklhealthonline on Instagram and watch out for when Ruth and Miranda go live on Instagram on Tuesday 11th August at 7.30pm.  We look forward to you joining us then!!!

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talkhealth meets... Instagram Live

Offer ends: 11 Aug 2020

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