Exclusive: Coffee morning with urology and bladder expert Sue Hinton!

Friday 25 June, 11:00 BST



Many things can cause bladder problems. From childbirth and medication to a neurological condition, urinary issues are way more common than you think and you should never be embarrassed to chat about your symptoms. To get you talking, we are excited to work with CliniMed on a coffee morning focused on bladder and urological health!

Whether you need advice on how to better your bladder control or have problems with your prostate, keep Friday 25 June (11:00) free and sign up for our expert-led coffee morning with bladder and urological issues expert Sue Hinton.

This is your opportunity to pick the brains of a bladder expert for tips and tricks for how to navigate life with bladder concerns and ask the questions you can’t ask your doctor.

Clinical Nurse Advisor, Sue Hinton, has been working as a specialised Stoma Care and Continence nurse for over 20 years. Since 2019, she has been providing advice, guidance, support and interventions to those with bladder and urological issues both in person and virtually.

Sue also offers her expertise to CliniMed, a UK-based provider of high-quality medical products in areas of Stoma Care, Urology and Wound Care. Through this close working relationship with medical professionals, CliniMed’s products provide reliable and innovative care that evolve with people’s continuing needs.

Never been to a coffee morning before? Here’s how it works!

The bi-monthly sessions last around 30-45 minutes and allow us to meet, discuss and share our thoughts on a particular healthcare topic. When a healthcare professional joins the coffee morning, our members enjoy asking their particular questions whilst also learning from their fellow members and friends.

We aim to create a safe, informal and informative space for our members to feel comfortable discussing health concerns.

So, if you have any burning bladder questions or simply want to get to know like-minded people, pop along to our coffee morning with Sue Hinton on Friday 25 June at 11:00 (BST)!




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CliniMed markets and distributes innovative medical products for Stoma Care, Urology & Continence and Wound Care. Visit their website to find out more -  www.clinimed.co.uk

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