Come with us to Coloplast's upcoming webinar about travel and ISC!

Thursday 8 July - 17:00 


As travel starts to become a little less novel, why not join Coloplast's webinar to learn how to stick to ISC routines away from home? Coloplast's bladder nurse specialist Hannah Deguara, will provide handy tips and tricks for travelling with ISC. From sharing what you may need to do to prepare for travel to how to mater catheterization out of the house. 

Packing for a trip without any worries should be something that everyone can do, but, when you live with a chronic bladder issue it can be difficult! Whether you struggle to stick to your catheterization routine when you're away or your equipment is causing you problems going through security, Coloplast is here to streamline your journey. Sign up for the webinar today to learn how to best plan for travel with ISC!

Here’s how you sign up for the event: 
Step 1: Click the sign-up link below and register, here you’ll have the chance to submit a question if you want. All of your questions can be anonymous if you wish!
Step 2: You will be sent a link via email, and just click the link to join the event on the day.
Step 3: Attend the event! You will be able to see Hannah but we won’t be able to see you – however, you can type in any questions on the day in the chat function. 

You can also ask any questions you may have on the topic or in general regarding ISC, by submitting your questions before the event or ask anonymously during the session.



 We look forward to seeing you there!



Coloplast is dedicated to providing leading intimate healthcare solutions for people with conditions spanning ostomy, continence, urology and wound care. Through their global network, they provide leading care to people affected by personal and private medical conditions. 

Come along with us and other talkhealth members to learn more about MS, the bladder, and ISC!

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