Come along to Coloplast's webinar on Pelvic Floor & ISC with Christine Caddock


Thursday 17 June - 16:00

We're joining Coloplast's next bite-size webinar about the importance of the pelvic floor as an Intermittent Self Catheter (ISC) user, why not join us? Christine will be sharing some tips on how to improve your pelvic floor as well as being on hand to answer all your questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Having a strong pelvic floor is important for everyone but, it is particularly vital for those with poor bladder health. By doing pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegels, you strengthen the muscles that aid better continence. Although you have to do the exercises for some time before you see some results, it doesn't matter because they can be performed anywhere! Whether you're watching TV, reading a book, waiting in a queue or hanging the washing, you can be training your pelvic floor! To find out more about the importance of your pelvic floor, sign up for Coloplast's upcoming webinar! 

Here’s how you sign up for the event: 
Step 1: Click the sign-up link below and register, here you’ll have the chance to submit a question if you want. All of your questions can be anonymous if you wish!
Step 2: You will be sent a link via email, and just click the link to join the event on the day.
Step 3: Attend the event! You will be able to see Christine but we won’t be able to see you – however, you can type in any questions on the day in the chat function. 




 We look forward to seeing you there!



Coloplast is dedicated to providing leading intimate healthcare solutions for people with conditions spanning ostomy, continence, urology and wound care. Through their global network, they provide leading care to people affected by personal and private medical conditions. 

Come along with us and other talkhealth members to learn more about MS, the bladder, and ISC!

Find out more about Coloplast here! 

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